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Apr 07 Sound design

  1. What are the main jobs of a sound designer on a play (hint: there are 3-4 things)?

Doing sound content in  a play

Write music

Sound effects

Recoding sound for the play and band

  1. What does it mean when he says, “If you notice the sound design, it’s a bad design”?
  2. He does this interesting thing with the violin. What does he say he is exploring with the violin?

He exploring the sounds with the violin, to make these sounds perfect.

  1. At the end he talks about a few reasons why he loves sound design. Pick one or two and tell me what it is and why you picked that one?

Intro to costume design


Costume Rendering: a sketch of a costume

Swatch: a fabric sample

Building: making a costume

Costume Parade: a procession where actors wear their costumes under the lights to ensure compatibility of the colors.

Costume Plot: an outline that describes the colors, fabrics and accessories for each costume design; kept by wardrobe manager

Wardrobe Manager: person responsible for creating costume plot and caring for costumes during rehearsals and performances.

Dressers: assistants who help with costume changes and help care for costumes

Quick Change: switching costumes quickly during a performance.

What are the factors of costume design? What do we need to know?

3.Social Status
5.Geographic Location
6.Occasion or Activity
7.Time of Day
8.Season – weather
9.Historical Period
10.Psychological Factors/Personality/Emotion


Feb 25

(Because I can’t upload my video, so I just put my transcript)

1) What is your phobia and what did you focus on?

My Phobia is  claustrophobia, the definition about claustrophobia is the fear towards trapped in side small, dark spaces.

2) What type of stage are you using? Did you think about the actor and the audience?

The stage type I’m using is that proscenium, the design could place in the middle of the stage, so the audience could see it in all directions.

3) Explain 2-3 choices that you made and how you represented them in the model and why!

So first of all, I’d like to talk about the shape of the design, the reason why I choose the rectangle shape because it has space, it could tell the audience that the actor is inside it. Then, I decided to cover the front side of the rectangle box with a thin layer of black paper; the reason why I choose this choice is that I want create an mysterious and scary atmosphere. Lastly, the audience could see though the paper(but not quite yet) and see black painted background, so it would be more  mysterious

 4) Celebrate your successes! What was difficult or challenging and how did you conquer that?

I’ve been thinking that only the box won’t be so perfect, so I decided to add some lights effects to make the box more standout on the stage.

5) Recognize your shortcomings. What was it that you wish you could do differently on the model or in real life?

I would remove the top cover of the box, because the actor will go inside the box. 

Feb 12


This is my moodboard about claustrophobia. I use the theme black to set off the fearness of the claustrophobia can bring to people. Those pictures are the reactions that people have claustrophobia would have.

Feb 06


Sketching practice -My living room

Video Link:

  • What are some differences between a functional room in a house and a stage design?

The  some difference between a functional room and a stage design is colour and emotions, to my own underatnding,  when people are designing  a functional room, they need to conserder the practical part of the room, because people will living there for a long time. When they are designing the stage, people conserder it’s colour and emotion, what is the to best way make the audiences influence by the emotions. And in the stage designing, the light is improtant, in our daliy life, the lights is use to illuminate the house, but in the stage design, light is a tool to create the emotions.

How are they similar?

The similar things they have is they all design by people, some of the stage design is based on a real-life design (for exsample the room that David Korins made for the show) In that design,  it has the furniture but more exaggerate tahn the real-life ones.

  • what are things that a stage designer needs to consider when designing compared to a architect who designs houses?

The stage designer needs consider more things when they desinging compare to  a architect designs houses, the stage designer need consider about how the actors move around, not put  obstacles in their paths. and something such as  lights, colours, feeling, emotions.



February 4th

Video one Design Challenge – designing and making a set

This video introduced the general information about set designing, an official set designer talked about the process to designing a set, and the purpose of set designing.

Video Link:

“I used to think the set design don’t need a lot of effort, and now I think in order to make a good set, the designers need to do research online, look at other’s work, and talk with people, and many works to do.”

Those are the thoughts after I watched the video:

I never thought there is many courses people could take if they want to become a set designer.

I never thought set designer could create a such wonderful world on the stage.

I thought set designer is need to do more work than other designers.

Video two Scenic Designer

This video interviewed a scenic designer, he told us about his career path as a scenic designer. And his also introduced few of his designs, the most significant one is 《Battle And Black And dog》. He also talked about the tech rehearsal.

Video Link:

“I used to think the scenic designers have to be creative, I now after I saw the video, I’m sure that they needs to be very creative.”

Those are the thoughts after I watched the video:

I never thought the scenic designer would be so creative

I thought when the scenic designing the scene, they need to care about the background of the story that they creating.

I never thought

Video Three Cherry Orchard Set Design

This video talked about how a team designing a set in a drama show, it talk about that people have to choose different materials in a set design. And how important the materials show what happened with this place. ( For example like if a place had been burned by fire, then those people need to make wood to be look like it had been burned by fire.)

Video Link:

“I use to think the set designer is only working by themselves, and now I think they also could work as a team.”

Those are the thoughts after I watched the video:

I thought the set designer has good understanding about materials

I never thought the set designer needs different material in making different sets.

I thought it take time to make a good set with appropriate materials.

Video Four

This video talked about the theme in the set design. In addition to the set design, they also add something about the costume design. And how the set design affect the emotional expressions.

Video Link:

” I use to think the sets couldn’t move, now I think the sets could move and hanging to the celling.”

Those are the thoughts after I watched the video:

I never thought the sets could be moved up and down by a string.

I never thought the abstraction could use in set design.

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