Theatre Tours

This is the spot light workshop in the old theatre, the room is really hot and in the room I can see all the audiences and the stage.  Mr.Redman let me play with the spot light, it is pretty heavy and the color of the spotlight could be change by switching the color filter.

This is the control board, by pressing one of the button, the thing will move automatically, years a go when theatre doesn’t have these advance technology, all of the work need to be done by workers.

This is the new theatre located at the primary school, the seats are hide under the ground which is a brilliant use of space, it is electronic, by pressing a button the seats will rise up.

I really like this tour, during the tour I have been to places I have never get the chance to visit in school. Before, I thought the theatre is only the audience seats and the stage but there are a lot of spaces that I don’t know, also a lot of staff need to work together to make everything happen. I would love to visit the spot light room again, and see how all the lights function during an play or show.


Create & Improve Final Submission

Create and Improve

I have my design logo at stage two, at the last stage I printed out my stickers, 3cm by 3cm. But, because I used pro-create to draw my design, when I airdrop it to my computer and to the copy center, the quality is not that good, there are little error on the design, for example, one of my sticker was light brown on my Ipad but when it was print out the color is very dull, the copy center make the horse’s head too big. because the color of the horse and the color of the eye are all very dark, therefore the sticker appear as a black outline of an horse, the details I draw were covered.

Now, I decided to make improvement based on this first design. Because the color will appear darker on the print out version of my design, so I have made the sketch on my Ipad lighter, even though it looks unrealistic on the ipad because it was too bright, but on the print out version it would look alright. Then the other problem I faced with my first print out copy was that the details are being cover up because the colors are similar. So, I added white outline to make the white outline more obvious.

Then I give my edited design to the copy center, but they say it is too late because the stickers won’t be able to be print out before  Christmas break. I won’t be able to have my final product, but I used the my first design to try out to see how efficient this sticker  will be at promoting my app. even-though there are things that could be improve, but most people like it, they claim that they would want to know more about the app. Some people attach my stickers on their computer cover and some people put it on their water bottle. This is a success to my project that people would want to see more about my app because of my stickers.

Because I won’t be able to have the print out stickers, Mr.Griffen helped me to insert it into a sticker mock up he has on his computer, it turns out really good. Because I turn the color brighter, it become the perfect brown and the sticker mock up has a special texture, that make the sticker looks real.

I really enjoy the process of making horses stickers because this is an individual design and I choose the topic I am most interested in. From designing the app ( a real issues) and drawing the stickers and have it printed out, the whole process is amazing. I think I did well on designing the app and adding details and improvement to my design. It was difficult to improve, because the first prototype did not turns out as what I was expected. But after asking different people’s idea they gave me advises on how I should change my design so it would fit the print out sticker better. For next time, I can draw different horses because the detail of my stickers all look different but the outline of them are similar. I am happy with the final project, the design on the sticker mock up because it prove that my second edit is successful. My time management could be improve, because I used too much time to edit my final project, there are not enough time before the break for the copy center to print it out. To sum up, my experience at Graphic Design this year is amazing, because I never have a course like this before, and I learned many new skills from this Class!

Thank You.

Develop & Plan: Blog Reflection

Design Develop & Plan blog reflection:

Gracie Ng [STUDENT]

I decided to focus more on how to promote my app, the first thing that comes to my mind is: STICKER. I create a mind map to brainstorm of how my sticker will look like. The shape of the sticker, The color of the sticker and most importantly the logo on the sticker.

After trying to draw different types of horses (only the outline black and white, clear image, jumping position, only the head) I decided to use only the head and add color into it because for stickers, I would want my audience to be clear about what the app is about which is horses, and having a clear image of the head would be clear and simple. I create a prototype on procreate to see how It will look like.

After having my prototype one, I decided to improve and create different kinds of horses, but the style of the logos stay mostly the same, or else the audience might be confused about it. I used different layers in procreate to draw it. I also tried different background colors based on the color I choose in my mind map. Baby blue turns out to be a good background color I also tried brown but I still want to use white, because not all the horses fit in to the same color except white.

The design part for my logo is finish, But only having the sticker to promote my app, the users and audiences won’t have a clear understanding about the app itself. So I Created a app mock up, the login page of my app, and a map. On the login page and the app mockup, I include my logo. I tried to include my logo as many time as possible, therefore, my users would be familiar with it, and it is good for future development. Because every-time they saw this logo image, they can relate it to my app.

My finish project would be print out stickers, with different types of horses sketch on it.  I print out about only 10 stickers, if it turns out to be good I would print out more, and give them to people, if people are interested in to learn more about my app, it will prove that this project is  successful. The main materials I used are My Ipad, different websites to gather ideas, sketch book. My teacher Mr.Griffen and the printing office helped me to develop my project. My final design will be print out stickers. My goal and Next step:After I receive my print out stickers, I would change some details and improve it so it will be more eye catching. My goal is to use the stickers to promote my app.




Define Inquire: Blog reflection

Define Inquire: Blog reflection

Gracie Ng [STUDENT]


At the start of this final project, I created two design brief the first one is an app for riders in Beijing to communicate, share location, shows information. The second design brief is design for phone cases, and I included an example of a phone case I made. I choose to work more on my first design brief because I am interested in this topic, and as a rider I really want to use this app. My design problem:  I want to create an app for riders in Beijing to communicate, in the app there will be shows and events that are happening around Beijing and ranking of riders, riders can see each other’s location on the app, therefore, if people attend the same show, friends online can meet in person. This app also provides buying and selling horses, seller can upload the information of their horses. There are also tutorials about how to take care of a horse etc. My intended User/audience: Riders in Beijing. The purpose of my design is to create an app only for riders to communicate, for shows…. Etc. Materials resources: camera, iPad, iPad pencil. Age range of my intended users and audience are 5-70? Most of the rider’s age is between 7-55, but other people can also access this app for information about the shows, so there are not a specific age range. Aesthetic/style: Free, Cool. I also made a poster for my intended audience, my name of this app is “trot” which represent to run or walk fast, taking short quick steps. I made a Padlet for brainstorm ideas, I included three main parts in the app “community” “shows” “logo” I gathered ideas from the internet and put them into a Padlet. I wrote questions to ask people around me that might be interested in using this app. Their answers gave me a lot of inspired ideas which help me to improve.


Logo Design Reflection


Gracie Ng [STUDENT]

LOGO Design reflection:


Out of the three options (DJ (itzme), food truck, yoga studio (kindred)), I decided to work on the Yoga studio. I have information about my target audiences, and I created a padlet to brainstorm all the ideas that are possible. I didn’t start straight up in to procreate and illustrator, instead I drawn down many small designs. Based on all the sample, I choose four final pieces and tried to see if I could combine some of it together. I ended up combining three out of four of my sample together to be my final logo. The structure of my logo is mainly three part, on the top is an imaginary balance shape, at the bottom I have a realistic yoga position and the title of the yoga studio “kindred”. Which is pretty successful. But now my logo is only drawn in pencil. I choose to keep my logo as black but with a background color. I used procreate and choose 7 colors. Overall, I think the color purple would be the best. Because purple is a relax color, it is not that bright which create a calm environment. My first sample looks different from my final work. I draw the imaginary shape and place the yoga position in the middle, but in this work, I did not include text. But later on, I realized I should contain the name of the yoga studio so it could be better promoted. I also replaced the circle with a special effect on procreate, which appears to be starting from bright to darker purple, creating a sense of depth. I spent a lot of time working on this first sample, because I couldn’t draw the perfect balance shape, there are always small errors that I am not satisfied with. But finally, I come up with a shape that is balance. I export the work and inserted it into illustrator on my computer. Which is when I decided to make some changes and ended up with my final work. One problem that I encountered is that illustrator could not keep the special effects, so I changed it to half black and half white. I also deleted the background color, because I realized if in the future this logo is going to be printed on to other products (for example: Bags, water bottle etc.) the background color might not fit with the product’s color. I also removed the yoga shape on to the bottom next to the title of the yoga studio, I choose a font from linotype and keep it as black. Now the yoga shape and the title look like they are holding the imaginary shape. To try to see if my logo work on products. I photoshop it on to a bag, and a made the logo larger, the texture of the bag fit with my logo. After trying this step, I think deleting the background color and keep it simple only black and white is a good idea.

Link to the padlet:

Does it seem like there are serious issues with your design that need correcting?

In the feedbacks there are not major serious issues that need to be change, but there are feedbacks that pointed out that I should change the position of my text and shape. But overall, I don’t need to change the design of my shape.


Are there comments or questions that were unexpected to you?

There is one comment that is unexpected to me, it claimed that the yoga position shape looks confusing. The background color of my logo is white, and I intentionally make the yoga shape black, so it will stand out from the white background.


What do you agree/disagree with and why?

I got three comments, but the feedback I received all gave different suggestions. One of the feedbacks suggests that I should put the text in the center, I tried this solution before, but the text and the top shape will be overlapped, and it doesn’t look good. The second feedback suggests that I should not put the yoga position shape and the text together, because it will look too complicated. I agree with this solution, because now in my logo, there are three main individual shape, and they don’t really fit together according to some people I asked for feedback. The last feedback suggests that when she look at my logo the yoga position shape is confusing. She would encourage me to make it clearer by making the size bigger. But, if I increase the size, there will be two big shape in my logo, then it will not be balance. Now, in my logo the yoga position shape and the title are at the bottom, holding the main shape. Therefore, if the yoga position shape is larger, it will leave the title alone.


What changes will you make based on this feedback and why?

I will make the title and the yoga shape larger, so it won’t look confusing, but in order to increase the size of the bottom two shapes, I also need to increase the top shape, so the whole logo will balance. If I don’t make the top shape larger, the logo will be three individual shapes that are the same size.

Comments I received:





What is the role of elements & principles in graphic design?
I think the role of elements&principles in graphic design is all the detail and small techniques/skills that were being used in the work and all of it added up together create something that is aesthetically pleasing. Some examples of elements&principles are line, color, shape, contrast, pattern/repetition, cropping etc.

What is this design task all about?
Each students were being assigned a design principle or design element. I got Emphasis/Hierarchy, Emphasis/hierarchy ensures the most important aspects of the design stand out and the audience interprets the “sequence of importance” of the visual and written information within the composition. I created a bookmark based on this design element. There should be two parts of the bookmark, the first part should be the design part, the second part should be the definition of the design element.

Why did you make your bookmark to look this way?
I make my bookmark look in this way because, when I first got Emphasis/Hierarchy, I wanted a specific part that would grab the viewers’ attention first. So I decided to create two stars and because the background color is purple. I choose a color that would stand out from purple (bright pink) . After having two stars, I inserted circles, but I choose darker colors to fit in the background more. On top of the circles, I added smaller circles and chose a similar dark color, but I make it transparent, so it would create different layers. I think having only the two stars with bright colors would be too simple. So I changed one of the circle’s colors to bright yellow because yellow stands out the most from purple.



Gracie’s portrait


I used Pro-create to create my self-portraits. At the start of this project, I was really confused about what I would want my self-portrait to look like. So, I started with the most basic style, I used only black and white and different types of lines and shadow to create the first layer of My self-portraits. Because, it was the first time I used pro-create, so at the beginning I was just playing around with all the pens and techniques.

After having the outline, I think the portrait looks too simple, and I wanted to add color in to it. I decided to keep the color of this portrait as the same as the original picture. Because I want the style of my portrait to look realistic. I did the coloring part really carefully, because I don’t really want it to look abstract or messy.

After having the second layer, I moved on to focusing on the third layer. After having some basic understanding of how pro-create work. I realized I don’t need to color every specific so carefully, because eventually at the end, more layers will cover it up. I tried different colors, and finish coloring the main person.

I don’t want to leave the background color as white, so I create a new layer, and used dark yellow. Because yellow is one of my favorite color, and I would want to include it in my portrait, since I did not have a chance to used the color yellow in the coloring part. And it turns out to look great.

Now, it comes to the final part of adding text and titles, to create the final poster. I first created five brown abstract dots, using one of the pen I discovered in pro-create. then I used white pen to wrote a really Big title “DESIGN”. Because the white titles is wrote on the brown dots, it stands out more, which I think would be the first thing that capture the viewer’s eyes. Then I categorized the text in to four parts. “Goals” “Interests” “Skills” “Graphic Design” using bright pink, because I think it fit dark yellow perfectly. But for the specific texts I used regular black, because I don’t want the whole poster to look too fancy, so I keep the words simple. At the left bottom, I draw a 1/4 circle using dark pink, because without it the poster might look too empty. I wrote my name and school on it.

I also uploaded the pdf formate of my portrait on dx. I think I did a pretty good job overall, because I follow the instruction and include as much details as I can. But for next time, I think I would try something more abstract instead of just coloring it following the image. I think I was still a little bit nervous using pro-create, and kinda afraid to try new techniques. But in the future, I would definitely try to create different style of work.

Digital self portrait

Olivia Tse created this portrait using gouache. The style of this portrait is straightforward. It does not have a lot of color in it, only white and grey. She draws her hair with thin lines. But she used grey and cover up the background, which creates different levels of the portrait.

Russian artist Lucid Dream created this self-portrait using color pencils. This portrait’s style is abstract; the artist drew a wolf in the background and added the person on top of it. He used different colors to separate the two figures. But the mustache of the man and the fur of the wold is drawing together. Both the man and the wolf are facing the same way, so there are somehow similar. There are lines and shadows used in this portrait. I like how the artist combined the person with an animal.

Ramón Nuñez created this self-portrait using pencils. The name of this portrait is “shadow.” All the other parts of this portrait used darker colors, which makes the shadow. But her face is lightly spotted, feels like she is staring at you. It is a pretty realistic portrait. I like how the artist creates a mysterious feeling.



Sangyoon Jeong created this self-portrait. He used pigment to complete this work. A lot of different bright and dark colors were used in this self-portrait. I can’t see the details on his face, but all the color dots gave me a rough sketch of his characteristic. I like how the artist organized the use of those colors.
Hsiao-Ron Cheng created this portrait, he used the color blue as the background color, and the man hugged himself. It gives me a sad atmosphere. There are big color dots on the man himself, which created different layers. I like how the artist put those color dots.