Eyeglasses Assessment

Made with Padlet

This is my padlet for my eyeglasses project, there are inspirations, and other examples that I have chosen on there, as well as a some information for my user. The information on there are all related to my user, nature pictures that have influence my design.



These are a few pics that have influenced my design, the first picture is a single piece of glass, it looks pretty futuristic and simple, it would be quite fashionable as it is simple and looks quite modern, the second picture influence my basic shape of the glasses and the framework of my glasses.


This shows examples of me practicing the drawings, the second picture is an example of the final design choice that I made, and drawing it to better plan my design process however, I felt like the glasses were kind of to complicated so I changed the design later on in the process. the third picture is my drawing for the different ideas that I had for my glasses, a few of them are quite simple, while the others are a little complicated so I didn’t go with those designs, they also have to look fashionable.

This is the design poster that I made for my design, I drew the design from almost every angle, along with a couple key words that I think the design should have as well as the aesthetics. i also drew one on a head to see what it would look like on an actual head.

This is a picture of my brain storming during this process, I started with my user, and branched out to the different interest of the user, I came up with a couple different ideas with the user’s needs with stuff like related to nature, and a simple design, fashionable etc.


The bottom one was the model that I drew on adobe illustrator, I didn’t really do any practices before that since I have worked with this last semester and I felt like I knew how to navigate this application and draw my model.

This is the change that I made to my design, the top part is my 2nd prototype and the bottom part is my first prototype, the first prototype there’s isn’t a bend, and its just a normal 3 piece design with a single piece of glass, it kind of fits in with the fashionable aspect of the user’s needs and also the simple characteristics of the user’s needs, however it doesn’t really fit in with the nature aspect, therefore, I decided to go with a single piece of glass and with a natural bending element that would be featured on the glasses, so the glasses would be more portable with the user, and also its a design not a lot of people have seen before, so it would definitely be more fashionable and more influential for the user to wear.

This is the first prototype, it looks a little boring as its just a normal 3 piece glasses, I added the cutouts on the arms so it wouldn’t be way too boring

This is the 2nd prototype that I made, I added the natural element, so that the glasses would be able to bend. the arms of it seemed a little to large, and wouldn’t fit on anyones head, so I had to change the arms and make it smaller, also the bending part of the glasses seemed a little too thin for the cardboard so I had to make it a little stronger by making some of the lines not go all the way through.

This is my 3rd prototype, as you can see, I made the arms smaller so that they would fit the user, and also I made the bending part stronger, so It would be more durable and not break after wearing it a few times. the next step for me is to try and make it out of acrylic as I felt like acrylic would be the best material to make this out of.

This is the part that I tested for the folding mechanism of the glasses, this is the 2nd prototype, and the first one was broken as it didn’t work out. the first prototype, since I used the one that made the cardboard more sturdy, the acrylic didn’t work out the same, so it didn’t really bend at all and it broke after I tried to bend it, the second prototype was much better as I made the lines longer and cut all the way through the arms, so it bent pretty nicely, and my next step would be getting the whole glasses done.

This is my final prototype, I chose the color black as I felt like this color is the would be really fashionable, and the bending parts all worked out pretty nicely, on both sides. If I had more time with this, I would focus on making the arms bend a little bit better and also the frames could be shrunk a little more since its a little big for the user right now, and it would come off by itself if nothing was holding it in place. The final product came out really nice, the bending part worked out successfully. next time I will just make the lens a little smaller since the size is a little big right now, and also I would sand the edges to make it more comfortable for the user and also look more smooth.

My final design concept is an effective response to my user because its a pretty simple design if you look at it, even though its not a simple design to make. also the nature element of this glasses is because it can fold even though its a single piece of acrylic. this design is pretty successful since it meets almost all of my user’s interests, its fashionable, it relates to nature a little bit, and also its simply, not too complicated colors, not to many components.


Precious Plastics Softgoods – wallet/bag

Made with Padlet




  1. Embed a PDF of a presentation poster of your product.
  2. Respond to the following questions in your blog post:
  • What’s working well with your design? What’s successful and why?
  • What would you improve if you had more time? What would you do differently next time?

This is the first prototype that I made, I didn’t really put any shape designs or stitching, I just wanted to explore on how different materials matched, but the major design decision that I made in this prototype is using the Donald Duck graphic on the back side of the bag, its basically the main theme of this bag and all the other colors and graphics I chose so that they would fit well with his graphic.


These are just sketches of the improved version of my prototype, during that time I was still trying to cut out the different shapes and layers to it, so I didn’t have any chance to take a picture of it, so I had to draw it from memory. I wanted it to be blue since its my favorite color, and maybe add a few other colors here and there so it wouldn’t look too plain. But for the different layers of this wallet, I made a slightly tilted shape towards the middle of the wallet, since I felt like it would look better that way, and also that I only used 2 layers to put little cards and little things since it would be more functional and the user would have more space to put their stuff in it and it wouldn’t be too crowded. Im interested in just making a functional wallet that not only looks good with cool design features but also that it functions like its supposed to. I want to make the wallet look really neat and like an actual product that was sold online or in a shop with a clean style of wallet so that people would support saving the environment by using recycled plastic wallets.

HJ Designs


What’s working well with your design? What’s successful and why?

I think how the shapes came out, and how the graphics were placed on there worked really well, everything pretty much was working and I chose this nutcracker graphic that I placed on a few of my layers, with quite a simple background, and some colors to compliment the graphic and the design.

What would you improve if you had more time? What would you do differently next time?

Next time, if I had more time, I would definitely want to be able to put the layers together and stitch them together, I wouldn’t necessarily change anything because I feel like it looks pretty good the way it is, but the only problem was that I wasn’t able to finish putting all the pieces together to create this complete wallet.


Recycled Plastic Bag

For this project we were supposed to create bags, or wallets from recycled plastic pieces, we used bags, and other plastic materials to create a layer of recycled plastic, I then folded that to create a bag/wallet.

Name for this project: The Donald Duck recycled plastic bag.

Purpose of the Design: to let the user be able to put their valuables in there, for example their phones, and wallets.

Intended audience: People who are supporting recycled plastic and wanting to save the environment, also people are looking for wallets and bags so that they can put stuff in there.

Things to improve: The shapes and colors could be better considered with using different color palettes and also the top part of the bag could have used a button or something similar so that I would be able to stay closed and be opened when the user wants to open it.

Challenges: Using different materials, trying different materials and colors. i could have made it in a better detail so that there wouldn’t be random pieces of plastic sticking out, and also It would look more neat and cleaner.

Create & Improve: Prototypes & Testing

This is the designs that I made for my graphic and logo, I chose to put it on a white shirt since I felt like that color would make the graphic stand out a little more. I chose this graphic because I felt like this graphic has the most meaningful definition since it represents the quote: “Take life one step at a time until your time runs out” I felt like that quote is quote motivational and also is shown in my graphic. To actually make my shirt and hoodie, I found this store online which helped me print out my designs on actual hoodies and t-shirts.

This is basically my brainstorming about how I came to chose my logo that I designed, because my name is Haojia, I chose to use my initials of H and J.

This picture shows an improvement that I have made to my logo design, the one of the right is the logo that I drew, we thought that the logo should be more clear, and also be more neat, so we used adobe illustrator to create the more refined logo which is the one on the left.

This is the logo that I made printed out on stickers, I felt like this is a good way to promote the brand. also I chose that have the white logo on black background because I thought that that way, the logo would stand out more and be more visible for the audience. I chose to have 3 different designs so that I would have options to find out which ones look good in different settings.

These are mockups that I made for showing my hoodie, I chose to have the first picture in a darker background because it would make the white hoodie pop a little more, it would stand out more for the audience. for the second one, since its showing the backside with the graphic, I thought It would be better if I make it brighter so that the audience would have a better mood when seeing this mockup of my hoodie.

Throughout the design process, I have learned that when we are designing or making stuff, we should always first plan, then make it then improve it and then make it again so that our designs or products would be as good as possible.

Im happy with how the hoodie and the shirts turned out because the graphic looked really good on the hoodies and shirts, also the design has a pretty good meaning,  “take life one step at a time until your time runs out”. I enjoyed making the design, and improving it so that it would look better. The difficult part is coming up with other different design graphic ideas,  I only came up with 1 design idea because I focused on mainly on that single idea and making it look good instead of having multiple graphic ideas.

Also, to improve, i would need to make more designs on different shirts so that there would be more variations in clothing in my brand. I believe that as of right now, this hoodie is pretty successful since the graphic is pretty good looking, as well as the logo. but I could have came up with more variations in designing the graphic. next time, I would make different variations of hoodies or t-shirts so that I would be more clear for the audience to understand what this brand is about.

For my Brand name, I chose HJ Original since the logo was made by myself and I felt like that part was original and also I couldn’t think of any other brand names.

This is the poster that I made for advertising my brand.

Develop and Plan

What does your design need to achieve in order to be successful?

It would need to be appealing to the audience and the audience should have a reason to want these shirts instead of any other brand or any other shirt with graphics on.

What should it do (function, purpose)?

It should be a shirt with a graphic design on it, the user would be able to wear it.

What should it look like?

I came up with a few designs and also a few logo choices.

How will you know if your project has been successful?

I would know that it has been successful when many people want this shirt and the audience and the user really like it.

My design so far:

It’s a graphic of a graphic that I made, I drew most of the parts and edited some of the graphics on there like the ocean, and the galaxy and also the clock. on the graphic I chose to have the galaxy in the background because I felt like since this is imaginary, it would be better to have it in space or some other imaginary place and also since I felt like the galaxy in the background looks better, I chose to have the ocean underneath because it would show better that the staircase is floating above it which again suggests that this is imaginary and that the road that your taking isn’t visually shown in real life, the clock is fading away meaning that your time is passing away day by day, and the entire graphic means that we should take life one step at a time until your time runs out. as the clock fades away into the galaxy, and the ocean is beneath us, as our time is fading away, we should be calm and take life one step at a time.

This is my brainstorming for this project

This is a logo that I made. after making a bunch of different logos, I decided that this is the final one, its a combination of my initials (H&J) the sharp part at the bottom of the logo suggests sharing shooter (basketball), if its turned 90 degrees, its an arrow forward, it means that we’re always improving/getting better/ learning .

These are some photos of my brainstorming on all the graphics ideas and the logo ideas that I had.

This is the padlet of my project along with ideas and inspirations

Made with Padlet

These are ideas of where to put the graphic on the shirt/hoodie and also what a finished product would look like, i felt like the graphic should be in the back because it might be too crowded in the front with the logo.

My goal is to create a few other design options and after that I can decide on which ones to print out on shirts and on the final products. and then find somewhere to have the graphics printed on shirts and make sure the material is high quality and comfortable to the user.


  • come up with a couple of other designs
  • Decide on whether to put on hoodie or t-shirt or both
  • find someplace to have the graphics printed on shirts/hoodies
  • make sure the material is comfortable and the graphic printed on is high quality meaning that it shouldn’t come off after washing it a few times and it should be comfortable for the user to wear.

Define and Inquire

This is the design brief that I chose, I chose to do this project because I felt like this project was the most interesting and stood out the me the most out of all the other design briefs. Also it feels different when you can print your own shirts and not just buy shirts from different brands.

audience profile:

  • people who are interested in shirts that have good design
  • People who need motivation
  • People who are interested in shirts with art or good graphics
  • People interested in buying t shirts with good aesthetics

Evidence from audience:


Goals and Next steps:

My goal is that, I can create and print a shirt with a good looking graphic that the audience and i would like. My next step is to figure out how I can print the designs on the shirts, find out more about the techniques and different ways possible. then experiment with some shirts, find out the best design and technique.

This is my padlet for this project

Made with Padlet

Cloud lamp

This is the user that I chose for this project, this user has a lot of Interests and one of them that I chose to work on was nature and for example, Clouds are part of nature and they exist in the sky, so I chose to make a cloud lamp.

Made with Padlet

This is my padlet that has inspirations that has lead to my decision of making the cloud lamp.

These were also part of my brainstorming and producing ideas for making the cloud lamp.

This was my first idea that I had for making the cloud lamp, I wanted to have a stand because at the beginning I thought that lamps all have stands, but later on I decided to not have a stand but instead have it hanging from the ceiling. I also decided to have a mirror on the bottom because for example when it rains, there’s going to be clouds and also the floor kind of looks like a mirror if you look at it at an angle.


for the cloud, at the beginning, I wanted to make it out of cotton because that is more realistic and clouds look like cotton.

This was my first prototype that I made from paper and cardboard, since its the first prototype we only used cardboard and materials we could find in the room. I chose paper because I thought that it was the closest thing that I could make to look like a cloud. I chose blue paper because I thought that after the paper mâché dried, I would glue the cotton on the outside so that the outside would look like a cloud and the inside would have light coming through and the blue paper would look like the sky.

Then I found the paper mâché method which is basically covering a balloon with paper and glue, and when the paper and glue dries it should be hard so that I can cut a hole in the balloon and put the wiring and lighting inside, and glue the cotton on the outside. the cotton would be on the outside so that the entire prototype looks fluffy (just like a cloud) and also the color would be white.

As I tried to take the balloon out of the paper mâché, some parts of the paper mâché were too thin and it wasn’t hard enough so it collapsed with the balloon, so I had to find another way for it to work, as the balloon collapsed, I realized that it didn’t look so bad, so I just stuck the light inside the paper mâché and turned on the light, and surprisingly, it worked. but if I had more time next time I would try to make it using another method.

I think that next time if I had more time, I would have probably tried another method for example: using a plastic bottle, and put the wiring inside the bottle and glue the cotton on the outside of the bottle.

My lamp concept is connected to my user’s interests because I chose the idea of clouds, and clouds are connected to nature. which means clouds are also apart of the user’s interest

in the next iteration, I would want to try another method so it looks better and cleaner, and also probably make a pole so that the wiring isn’t sticking out and that the light can hang on the ceiling. I would also take more time to make sure that the light is more visible and also that the shape looks more like a cloud.

This is the place that the lamp would be put in.

Persona Poster

This is my PerSona Poster, It was made with Procreate and Canva, on procreate I drew my portrait, for techniques, the shirt part of my portrait isn’t very well detailed but for the face and the hair, they were made with more detail. after I drew it with an iPad on procreate, I added it into canvas to insert the texts and images.


Haojia designer persona poster

My inspiration:

  • What is design? to create something
  • What inspires me about design? there are a lot of interesting and cool thing that have been created from designers
  • What are my favorite design examples? Probably tinker Hatfields Jordan 3’s
  • Who are my favorite designers? I don’t have one since I don’t know a lot of designers

Me as a designer:

    • What’s my most memorable experience designing (or creating) something? Why? probably last yr, when I was also in design studio, I designed this plastic shoe and I got to make a model of it. its my most memorable experience designing something because I think its the only time that I got to design something according to my ideas
    • What would I like to get better at doing as a designer? (Eg drawing, presenting, digital design, fabrication, photo-editing, sharing, collaborating, etc) probably drawing and digital design because I think that those 2 things are pretty challenging for me.
    • What do already do pretty well? (Eg drawing, presenting, digital design, fabrication, photo-editing, sharing, collaborating, etc). I think I collaborate with others pretty well because I think that when you work with others, you get to hear other people’s opinions, suggestions etc. which would help make the project better.

English Humor Stage 3 – reflection

  • What did I learn about how writers use language to create a humorous effect?  
  • I’ve learnt that Writers can use a lot of techniques to create a humorous effect such as using exaggeration to make whatever he’s writing more humorous
  • What are some things that I would still like to learn more about with respect to this topic?   
  • I want to learn more about humor and how to analyze it.
  • Did I achieve the SMART goal I set for myself in this unit?  Why or why not?   
  • I think did achieve it, but I still need to remember to make whatever I’m trying to say more clear for other people to understand.
  • What was particularly challenging about this unit?  
  • probably doing the analysis on the poems.  because you would have to read it a couple of times to understand it then you have to analyze the techniques used.
  • What successes did I have? 
  • I finished writing my poetry CER, and submitted that on time.
  • To what extent did I meet the Student as a Learner (SAL) criteria of “Responsibility” and “Attitude”? 
  • my attitude was good, but for my responsibility part, I didn’t submit my Stage 1 on time.
  • In what ways do I still need to grow with respect to these two SALs? 
  • I need to be remember to submit my assignments on time.
  • What goals do I have for my learning in English 10?   
  • the goals I have would be that I need to be more responsible and remember to submit my assignments on time.
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