Personal Engagement Journal #1

My design was originally meant to be a sunken cargo hold. I imagined a scene where this was a sinking cargo ship, and the big cargo hold is slowly collapsing, and the air is running low. There are cargo ships as kind of the centerpiece because it’s a cargo ship, and the crates aren’t glued down because I imagine the would be able to move around to indicate different scenes or locations in a show. The catwalk going around the sides is just a catwalk allowing people to look down onto the center bottom floor of the cargo bay, and it allows people to easily walk around the whole stage without going behind a cargo container. The fear or nightmare I originally planned on conveying was kind of drowning fear with the room almost collapsing in on itself. While I was making the design though I started leaning towards instead of making it collapsing and cracked, I made it more empty and dark. Instead of making the scene more directly scary, I decided to make it more ominous and emptier. Overall, I think my piece is good, but there are definitely things I like and things would change. I think I was successful in making the pieces that I originally set out to make. The minimum I wanted was a few rates that I could move around and a catwalk type path on the walls. I made both of these things and I think I did they pretty successfully. The crates look pretty nice and walkways stay up easily on their own and are sturdy. I wish that I had added more to my design. My piece is very simple and plain, and I would have liked to add more details as well as more large things. For example, I might add beams going up the side or holding up the catwalk or could have made a section of the catwalk be broken or collapsed. I also would have liked to add small LED red lights that could flash on the walls like alarms. Overall, I think my design was pretty good, but there are definitely some aspects that I would like to change.

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