Stagecraft Costume Design Challenge Process Journal

Process Journal Costume Design Challenge


For our costume design challenge, I designed two outfits from the play Check Please! Part 3. The characters were Barry and Girl from scene 10. Barry’s character is meant to be overly formal and all business. To reflect this, I made him wear a full suit, and I would expect it would be made of an expensive almost silky material. For the Girl I gave her a standard outfit for a casual first date. When making these costumes, I tried to use the factors of costume design. For both characters I showed their gender and age by giving them fairly stereotypical clothes for them, though age was a little harder with Barry. I tried to make sure he didn’t look too old by making the suit very sharp and fitted. I made sure the time period was modern by giving Barry a standard blue modern suit, without things like tails added on to it. For the Girl I made her look modern with skinny ripped jeans, making it clear what the time period was. Giving Barry his personality was easy, as he was described as incredibly formal, so I gave him a formal suit. The Girl was harder, as she’s not really given any character traits besides “normal”. To make her seem normal I found a very plain outfit online and based her costume on that. I found this project to be pretty difficult, as I don’t draw or sketch very often, but I think it was a good experience. Most of the other factors were hard to incorporate because I didn’t have enough information about the show or the characters to know things like their occupation or what season it is. I am not especially proud of my work, and I think I should have spent more time on creating textures in the costumes as well as making them more detailed. I did do better than I originally expected, but I think I should have spent more time on this at home. I have learned in this project that costume design is incredibly difficult. Although I already knew that costumes were a difficult job to do, I hadn’t known how much they did and how much time they spent on these projects. Overall, I learned a lot from this project and did ok, but I think it could have been better.

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