English 9 Humor Final Reflection

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been learning about what techniques authors use to create a humorous effect on their audience. I feel that I have successfully learned a lot about different techniques and how they are used in this way, but at least in this unit, my responsibility needs some work. At first, I didn’t look much at what caused things to be funny, they just were. Now I know many of the techniques are reasons, some of the most prominent being hyperboles, twists, and irony. I would like to learn more techniques and vocabulary and different literary techniques that may also apply to this topic. The most challenging part was always finding the first piece, then analyzing it became much easier. For example, I probably spent more time finding my 5 quotations and highlighting their techniques than writing the analysis. In the end, though, I was generally successful with my analysis and overall understanding. The main thing I am disappointed in is my responsibility and attitude, as both my dialectical journal and CER were turned in very late. I didn’t get them done until an e-mail from the teacher was sent to my parents and me. I definitely need to work on setting time for projects that seem large or intimidating instead of putting them off. Overall, I am fairly proud of my final scores on this project, but not my SAL.

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