Capstone Movie Reflection

For the Capstone Movie Project I worked with Tucker in order to create “Tucker Long’s Where The Light Doesn’t Reach – The Premier of a Visionary Prodigy”. Our film was made to show the negative effects that unclean and non-renewable energy create and the positive effects of renewable energy. The first thing we decided we would do for our movie was the style. We chose to make a movie without voices, just music and facts on images. Looking back, although it was easier to make, it probably would have made giving the message more clear and stronger if we had some kind of voice or narrator behind the words and images. In our storyboarding process we created the basic outline that our film would follow. We started with happier positive facts about renewable energy and the environment, but planned on transitioning to more and more negative facts. At the end we added a fairly brief call to action. I think we should have made the call to action more detailed and longer, as it is supposed to be one of the most important pieces of the movie. In the filming process we hoped to get more of the shots we needed, but ended up having to use a lot of royalty free images. The reason we couldn’t get these shots is because the air quality and weather. When we were filming it wasn’t a really good day or a really bad day, so we just had to get a lot more energy shots than nature shots. Finally, I think putting everything together went pretty well. The music set just the right mood, and the images and facts reflected that. Overall, this project definitely could have been better, and there are many improvements that could have been made, but I think we still did very well.

The Knife of Never Letting Go Characterization

The book The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness takes place on a different planet that humanity is slowly moving to due to overpopulation. On this new planet is a germ that causes everyone to hear the thoughts of all the men all of the time. This germ drove several characters insane, including the antagonists Mayor Prentiss and Aaron. The main character is a young boy named Todd, who throughout the story is learning about what this world really is and not what Mayor Prentiss taught him. With him his Viola, a girl learning about the world after arriving from Earth to settle on the new planet, who has several new technologies, but doesn’t understand surviving in the wild as well as Todd. In the book The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness Todd is an innocent

Throughout the story Todd becomes a much more mature character, but he never fully loses his childlike innocence and isn’t corrupted by the Mayor. This is a major piece of Todd’s character, as him not giving in is what keeps everybody going. Before the events in this book take place, Todd has been being taught a skewed version of the world, where the spackle were the bad guys and the Mayor was the good guy. He was supposed to learn the truth like everybody else when he turned 13, but because he left Prentisstown before that, he was never corrupted. This innocence is shown again and again by Todd whenever he has an option to use the knife. Everytime he could kill one of his enemies, such as Aaron in the swamp or Prentiss Jr. on the road, he chooses to spare them, a trait shown by almost no other characters in this book. Ben said “War is the devil. It starts and it consumes and it grows and grows and grows.” He’s looking at me now. “And otherwise normal men become monsters, too.” This is true for most characters, but not Todd. He pushes through and stays pure. This innocence is seen by other characters as well, including Mayor Prentiss. He sees Todd’s innocence as a challenge, and his goal is to be able to corrupt Todd. Besides encouraging the mayor, Todd’s character also rubs off on Viola. By being around Todd, she becomes more calm and braver, just from being able to be with someone who isn’t completely insane like the rest of the people she’s met on the New World. Although Todd never truly completely loses his purity, he does become more mature. This can be seen by his appearance. As the book progresses he gets dirtier from being in the wild for weeks, and he’s covered in dried blood from himself and others. He’s cut and bruised everywhere. This visually shows to the reader and others he meets how he’s matured and grown, and how he’s seen the world and fought and endured. In the end, although Todd has matured, he is still an innocent incorruptible boy.

American Revolution Journal

My revolution journal is the journal of Philippe Charpentier. The journal covers most of the revolution, starting with the catalyst of the Intolerable Acts; the Boston Tea Party, and ending with the final battle of the war; the Battle of Yorktown. He is a French immigrant who has lived in the colonies as a British citizen for several years. As the revolution begins and the taxes start, Philippe remains a British loyalist, but understands the patriots and revolutionaries motives. Throughout the revolution, Philippe helps the redcoats, and in the process becomes more and more of a tory as patriots attack him for being British and he see’s what the redcoats and patriots are doing. This journal shows the view of an immigrant tory in the American Revolution who remains a British loyalist.

My Brother Sam is Dead Theme

In My Brother Sam is Dead by Christopher Collier the author thinks that war turns men into monsters. Throughout the book, Sam tells Tim about how great the patriots are and how loyal and brave the soldiers are, while his father talks about how terrible war can be, specifically when he says, “Have you ever seen a dear friend lying in the grass with the top of his skull off and his brains sliding out of them like wet oats? Have you ever looked into the eyes of a man with his throat cut and the blood pouring out between his fingers, knowing that there was nothing he could do, in five minutes he would be dead, yet still trying to beg for grace and not being able because his windpipe was cut in two? Have you ever heard a man shriek when he felt a bayonet go through the middle of his back?” (Chapter 1, p.26). Father knows what happens to men in war, and he wants to avoid the war At first the soldiers seem brave and strong, with Sam coming home in his nice new military uniform. He tells Tim about the bravery of the generals and soldiers in Concord. Father tells Tim about the recoats, who had fancy bright uniforms, and they fought in perfect lines with amazing discipline. Throughout the story, as Tim hears more and more about the soldiers, they start becoming less pristine and more ragged.

In the second half of the book, Tim starts to directly feel the effects of the soldiers change. The patriots begin stealing cattle and food from farmers, while the British became more ruthless and took less prisoners. Mr. Platt told Tim’s father, “You’re fortunate. People have been tarred and feathered here, houses have been burned and livestock slaughtered. Both sides are doing it—one side burns a house and the other side retaliates. It won’t be long before they’re hanging people.” (Chapter 8 p.101) Both sides lost focus on the glory of battle, and just wanted the war to end and to survive. In Chapter 9 Tim realizes some of the wrongs of the patriots. This happens when his father is kidnapped by bandits claiming to be stealing cattle and supplies for the patriots. This event causes Tim to realize what the patriots were becoming. In Chapter 10, a British raid comes through Redding. Tim see’s the British kill all the patriots in the city, including watching them cut off the head of one of Tim’s friends and them taking his best friend Jerry to a prison ship, where they let him starve and die of disease. At this point, Tim and his mom had both realized what father had told them at the beginning. The war had turned these soldiers from proud strong men fighting for freedom or their country, into inhuman monsters that didn’t care about what they did or who they killed to accomplish their goal. In My Brother Sam is Dead Christopher Collier shows how war can change people for the worst.

The American Revolution in Plain English

I made the American Revolution in Plain English with Lily and Sophie. The American Revolution was the revolution that let the 13 colonies become independent from the British Empire. This revolution was a very bloody one, but the Americans with the help of the French were able to defeat the British, the most powerful military force in the world. This shows that especially in Revolutions, the in order to succeed you can’t fight on your own. You have to unite and fight as a whole people. The American Revolution shows this because the colonies couldn’t defeat the British on their own. The thirteen of them had to unite, and get help from France. The Americans fought to become free from the British so that they could have more freedoms, such as freedom of speech or freedom of religion, but they didn’t end up making things to different. Just like in the British Empire the new American country didn’t make things fair. They still kept slaves, and Native Americans and woman were denied many rights. Only white men could really enjoy their new freedoms. Eventually, everyone would become more equal, but it took a long time. In the end, the American Revolution was worth it in the long term.

Current Events: OSIRIS REx

Current Events – OSIRIS REx

       On December 3rd, NASA’s probe the OSIRIS REx arrived at its destination. The asteroid Bennu. OSIRIS REx stands for the Origins Spectral Interpretation Resource Identification Security Regolith Explorer. It is going to Bennu in order to collect a sample of the gravel that will be brought back to Earth and studied. NASA scientists chose this asteroid for many reasons. Bennu is large enough to be able to safely land on it without having OSIRIS be immediately thrown off. It also is close enough to Earth to not take long for a probe to arrive at. Bennu also has the ideal composition for the samples NASA is looking for, as it is carbon rich and contains organic material that is almost 4 billion years old and which hasn’t significantly changed. NASA scientists believe that “Bennu may contain the molecular precursors to the origin of life and the Earth’s oceans”. The OSIRIS REx was launched in 2013, and on December 3rd, 2018 it began its preliminary survey of the asteroid Bennu. The OSIRIS REx will return to Earth in the year 2023 with a sample from Bennu.
I believe that this mission is a great step in space exploration and technology. Just the OSIRIS REx arriving at the asteroid shows huge leaps, as we wouldn’t have been able to make a probe that could get out to a rapidly spinning asteroid like Bennu just 10 years ago. One research working on the OSIRIS mission said, “My heart-rate is three times faster than normal but I’m super-excited. Watching the team celebrate such an amazing milestone brings personal joy to me in so many ways I can’t even explain,” (Tucson, University of Arizona). The OSIRIS’s return will also bring new information about Earth that we wouldn’t have been able to find otherwise. The gravel from Bennu will allow us to be able to find and study the organic materials that some researchers at NASA think are the same materials that led to life on Earth 4.5 billion years ago. The OSIRIS REx mission is a great leap in science and technology, and we will be able to learn a lot from its mission to the asteroid Bennu.


How important do you think the OSIRIS REx mission is?
Where do you think space technology should go next?

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Resolution Blog Task – Gregor the Overlander

My collage shows the elements of the plot and theme of the book Gregor the Overlander, by Suzanne Collins. This collage uses mainly uses pictures to show the plot and colors to represent themes. The background colors and texture is meant to represent the underland and the sense of being underground, as that is where the majority of the story takes place. The title of the book and author is in the center and is bold and in red to make it stand out against the earthy colors of the background. There are two sets of pictures in this collage. The top row, which shows what’s going on in the overland and the emotion of Gregor’s mom, and the bottom row, which shows the events going on in the underland. Beginning at the beginning of the story in the overland. The story starts with Gregor and his family, who aren’t living a very comfortable and sad life. They also live in a broken family, because Gregor’s father “ran away”. The sadness from Gregors dad is introduced in the quote, “”He thought about different possibilities a lot in his head, but they rarely mentioned his dad at home.” (Chapter 1, page 10). The picture of the ripped family with the dad separated represents this element of a broken family, and the red and blue colors represent the anger and despair brought onto the family and Gregor. In the middle two boxes of the overland row, the pictures show New York, which is the setting where Gregor lives, but these boxes mainly focus on the colors and Gregor’s mothers emotions. She is extremely sad because of the disappearance of Gregor and Boots, and from the second to the third picture you can see her conflicting emotions of sadness(blue), anger(red), and other struggles she needs to deal with(purple). The colors are all mashed to together and make a feeling of chaos. The final picture shows the family reunited, as Gregor, Boots, and their dad come back from the underland. They are basked in a golden glow to emanate feelings of joy at reunification, but there are still underlying hints of sadness and question between Gregor’s mom and dad. In the other piece of the collage, the plot in the underland is shown. At the beginning, before Gregor came down, there was joy and peace in the underland. Although there were bits of contention with Luxa’s family and the rats, represented by the colors, the land was mostly peaceful. The next box shows when Gregor came and the Prophecy of Gray began. The burning city literally shows that the human city was attacked by the rats, but also that the world was entering more disarray. The prophecy and scroll literally represents that the prophecy was beginning to take form. The third box shows the conflict and the good vs. evil. The bats representing the good side and the people carrying on the prophecy, and rats being the evil rats. The background is in the underland and the dark earthy colors combined with the red fires make an almost scary environment. The final box shows the underland city after Gregor had left. The duller and colder colors represent that Luxa’s family was nearly destroyed as she lost her cousin Henry, and the city of the humans was never going to be the same as it had been before the rats attacked. Her sadness is shown in, “A tiny tear formed at the corner of her eye. A battle took place on her face as she tried to stop the feeling rising up in her.”(chapter 25, page 285). Many people died, and connections between different kingdoms were both strengthened and weakened. Overall my collage shows the themes of the importance of family and friends, as well as showing the plot and setting of Gregor the Overlander.

MSND Magazine

My magazine focuses on Hermia. The background shows Hermia and Lysander, and is explained by the paragraph Hermia: Caught Cheating? This paragraph explains Hermia’s relationship with Lysander and Demetrius. The quote I used of Hermia, “So will I grow, so live, so die, my lord” explains that Hermia is going to need to make a life or death decision. The final paragraph, The New Queen, isn’t related to Hermia, but explains something else going on in Athens, Theseus’s wedding. This section talks about Hippolyta and the mystery behind her Amazonian past.

Rising Action – Book Comparison

  1. Connect the text with another text. Write a text-to-text response in which you connect a key element from the rising action & climax exposition(character development OR conflict) to the same in element in another text. A text here is loosely defined as not only another book, but also a short story, a TV show, a film, a poem, a song. Your first paragraph should be about the key element in the book you are currently reading. Include MLA formatted quotesas evidence in that first paragraph. Your second paragraph should be a much longer paragraph, in which you elaborate on the same key element in the other text. Include specific examples from the other text as well. See this student exemplar or this one.

Ranger’s Apprentice The Siege of Macindaw vs. The Battle or Skandia

I read Ranger’s Apprentice, The Siege of Macindaw by John Flannagon, in which the main character Will needs siege and capture a castle to save the kingdom. This story has many similar aspects to one of the previous books in the Ranger’s Apprentice series, called Ranger’s Apprentice, The Battle For Skandia. In that book, Will needs to defend a castle from being sieged, and plays a reverse roll from The Siege of Macindaw, but the character development, setting, and certain pieces of the conflict are very similar. At the beginng of The Siege of Macindaw, Will is fairly static, but he goes through many challenges in the rising action that challenge him and allow him to learn and change. One example of this is, “Still in light shock, Will reacted angrily to the question.” And, “Will shouted angrily, stepping back from him.” These quotes are from when Will was in a battle, where even when using all the techniques he’s learned over years of learning, he is overcome and defeated. Will is angry and disappointed in himself, and because of this he struggles to lead because of self-doubt and thinks lowly of himself. This is when Will becomes a dynamic character. The setting of my story is Macindaw in the Norgate Fief. This is a cold barren land with heavy snowfall, which makes things harder for Will and Horace to work and prepare for the siege, because they are in an unfamiliar environment without as many resources as they are used to. Will’s overall goal in this story is to take Castle Macindaw so that he can save Araluen from the invading Scotti. Many of these ideas are also found in the other book, Ranger’s Apprentice, The Battle for Skandia.

The book Ranger’s Apprentice, The Battle for Skandia has Will in the country of Skandia, where the Temu-Ji people are invading and Will needs to defend  Skandia and repel the invaders, although Will is in unfamiliar territory, with unfamiliar people. Skandia is in the far North and is incredibly cold and snowy, even more than Macindaw. The story states, “Exhausted before he first hour was out, Will kept doggedly on, stumbling in the snow from time to time and, on occasions too numerous to count, falling full length to lie groaning.” This shows that due to the extreme weather, Will is struggling to even continue walking forward. This is similar to Siege of Macindaw, although in that book Will is older and the weather is slightly less extreme. Unlike in the book I am currently reading, in The Battle for Skandia Will is dynamic throughout the whole story. At the beginning he is struggling to walk through the snow, but he perseveres through, and in the middle and to the end, he is learning to lead people and train them. In The other story, Will has already learned these things, so he doesn’t develop as until he comes to a new challenge he hasn’t faced before, and instead of learning for the first time like in The Battle for Skandia, Will instead needs to relearn after he lost some of his confidence. In both stories, Will has the same motive: to save Araluen from an invading country. In The Siege of Macindaw he is doing this in a more direct way, because the Scotti is invading Araluen directly. In The Battle for Skandia, Will is defending the country Skandia, so that the invading Temu-Ji wouldn’t get the resources they needed from Skandia to invade Araluen. Overall, these two books may not seem very similar, but Will’s character development and how the conflict and setting affected that are very similar.