Math “Throw A Ball” Reflection

For the throw a ball project I worked in a group with Daniel, Tucker, and Ryan. From this activity I learned how to use logger pro much more effectively and how to use it to analyze a video. I also learned how to better analyze a graph with real world context and how to analyze a video. In algebra we’ve been learning about analyzing graphs and solving real world problems, but this project allowed me to try out these skills together in one problem. I think our group worked well together. We evenly split up the work and all did our part. Ryan analyzed one movie, Tucker analyzed one, and Daniel and I worked together to analyze one. When Daniel and I finished I helped Tucker analyze his. One of the challenges we faced was that in one of our video’s the ball went out of frame for a second, so we had to redo that video. The issue with that was that that throw was meant to be a high and slow throw, but we had to do it in a hallway. Overall, we didn’t waste too much time, but it could have gone better. Also we set the origin in the wrong place. We put the origin at the throwers feet instead of where he released, so the equation had some mistakes we had to fix that didn’t make sense in a real world situation. We could have improved in being more careful with learning Logger Pro so that we wouldn’t make as many mistakes like messing up the origin. If we were given another try, I would fix the origin so that the problem would work and try to understand what we were doing in Logger Pro better.