SMART Goals 2018

Academic Goal: Get more Mastering’s than Approaching’s every trimester.             Focus on Mastering standards on assignments in Science, Humanities, and Music.

Wellness Goal: Get at least 40 Hours of sleep during the weekdays.
Go to sleep by 10PM every night.

Personal Goal: Practice at least 1 Hour of baseball a week outside of baseball.        Practice catch outside with my dad weekly, Practice batting with my dad or Tucker every three weeks.


February 19th 2019, Goal Reflection

Academic Goal: I did get more Masterings than Approaching’s in the first Trimester, getting three Mastering and 2 Approaching.

Wellness Goal: I have generally been following this goal. I have been getting more sleep then before, even if I’m not asleep by 10 every night.

Personal Goal: I stopped working on this goal after the baseball season ended, but while it was going on I did do it. Every weekend I practiced batting, often times coming to the school field, but I normally did it with my dad instead of Tucker.