Time Capsule Asia and The World Ian Xu

The last few events that happened during the coronavirus, SpaceX launch officially make space program commercialize, the riot in America caused by the death of George Floyd. The death in America caused by coronavirus reached 150,000. People start to believe in the rumors on the internet in order to prevent themselves from getting Coronavirus. Lastly, 5G technology is available for people to use.


Grade 9 English Reflection Ian Xu

I learned a lot during the English 9 Humor unit. I learned the technique that people use to create humor. For example, like reputation, exaggeration, and metaphors. This will help a lot with my speech and writing assignment in the future. The SMART goal I set is to be able to identify most of the humor technique that is used in any piece with humor element. I would say I achieved 80% of my gold, there is still a problem when I need to analyze a humor piece with a complex structure. The challenge of this unit is to identify all the technique that is used in a humor product, it’s challenging because sometimes the author used some metaphor to make a point hidden, so I often choose the poem with a more direct message to analyze.  Looking over in this unit, I did pretty well on find out the effect on the audience by identifying the humor technique that has been used. About the question ” To what extent did I meet the Student as a Learner (SAL) criteria of “Responsibility” and “Attitude”?” I would say to a big extent because I finished all my work on time. However, I should finish my work earlier, not just on the deadline. The goal for me in English 10 is to improve the quality of my work and put more effort into it.

Stagecraft Scene Design

The picture below is a sketch of my scenic design. The fear I chose is coulrophobia, people who have coulrophobia are scared of the clown. This design supposed to do it in a box, but I don’t have any paint at my house, so I just decided to draw it out. The person’s face on the back is a clown’s face( the scary kind). There two people that were hanged on the wall, and their blood are dripping. The two bottles on the right wall are for storing organs. Lastly, in the middle, there is a Chainsaw.