3D Modeling Reflection

In this 3D Modeling Fusion task, I designed a larger and more detailed earphone case that can contain both an earplug and an Earphone case. Usually, earphone cases were way too small, easy to get lost, and were dull in appearance. In the design of this earphone case, I used sketching tools such as line, circle, and offset, and the extrude to create a structural base for my earphone case in the beginning. Soon after it, I categorized the two “bodies” I created into two different components foulders. Because of this, it will be easier for me when creating and connecting the two bodies together with the use of “joint”, which was soon later. One thing that was essential for my design is that I left out a hole in the lower middle for my earphone case, it’s suppose to be a place that covers the button of charging on normal earphone cases. This design makes the product more efficient for us, so that we don’t have to take it out every time we want to let the case to charge the earplug outside, which is very important in modern days. After designing the detailed element such as vampire teeth, bat nose, etc, I “fillet” almost everything on the surface of my design. This step is important because the earphone would be smoother and won’t cut the hand that grabbed it when 3D printed out.

When I was doing a draft of the design, I didn’t realize that I had a mistake in the structural base part, then I was stuck and I didn’t know how to fix it. It was the hardest challenge that I faced and wasted over 30 minutes of my time. Later I choose to redo the model with these important changes in mind, and it was successful for me. Before this project, I wasn’t very sure about the transformation from sketching into bodies by the use of “Extrude”, I misunderstood the idea with when I finished transforming the sketch, the sketch will disappear. During the task, I learned that there’s a sketching folder that contains all the sketches I sketched before and the sketchings didn’t disappear, they were just invisible.


Logger Pro

1. What did you learn from this activity?

I learned what is a “regression line”.

2. What did your group do well?

Collaboration, our work for each teammate was pretty clear, most importantly we had the imovie finish on time.

3. What were some of the challenges your group faced?

Probably recording, cause the ball kept flying out of the camera(We recorded these videos more than 20 times).

4. What aspects of this activity could your group improve?

The graphs had completely different y intercepts, so it kind’a hard to compare each throw.

5. How could you do it differently if you are giving another try?

let the Y-intercepts for all three videos be the same(The point where the ball leaves my hand).


Polymer journal #5


Claim: The best polymer we made is “The HRPC version 2.0”.

Evidence+Reasoning: We didn’t have statistic data, but we do have comparison between HRPCs. The prototype #1 was too sticky and slimy for a phone case; Prototype #2 was too slimy and soft for a phone case; Prototype #3-6 were all too soft; The HPRC version 1.0 succeed almost every perspective, but some parts of it was too powdery; The HRPC version 2.0 was bouncy, strong, stable, sticky less, slimy less, powdery less. Therefore, it’s the best prototype we have so far comparing to other prototypes.

The presentation for Dream On Team went pretty well, but it’s not perfect. We could have interact with the audience+Dream On Team, because it’s a little bit boring when presenting the pros and cons for our project. Another area for improvement it that the sustainability of our polymer, it wasn’t very environmental friendly(Borax solution and PVA solution were not biodegradable).



Last Chance—Air pollution—James Huang

The movie “Last Chance” performs a strong understanding of how series the problem, air pollution, is affecting us. It first give out some shocking statistics with out music background. It then create a short animation of “life of a PM2.5” with sad background music for emotional control of the audience. After the animation it jump back to statistic part, then back to animation, then back to statistic again. The idea of using powtoon is that it’s easier to make the “characters” in the movie move. The only weak area for this movie is that there are moments that the movie itself doesn’t have any music playing in the background. Otherwise, I think it’s pretty good.

Polymer Journal #4

First prototype wasn’t very successful, we had 100 ml of PVA glue, 10 ml of borax solution, and 20ml of water as a recipe. it was too sticky when it turns out after the chemical reaction. Then we tried again, but this time with more water and borax solution. The second prototype turns out to be much more bouncy and sticky less, however, it’s still not stable/strong enough. Then we tried the same thing with different amount of each reactants again and again(all failed), until we found a new solution/recipe. After the few failures, I kind of give up with the previous recipe, so I just “mess around” with the materials we had. Surprisingly, I created something new, something bouncier, stronger, sticky less… The HRPC version#1.0! Because what I had done, our team move on to the new recipe: 100 g corn starch, 50 ml PVA solution, 40 ml borax solution. Although it’s already pretty good, but it wasn’t good enough for Team Tucker(our team name)!!! We then revise our recipe to a better one, The HRPC version#2.0: 100 g corn starch, 100 ml PVA solution, 20 ml borax solution. Here’s a photo of The HRPC(heavily reinforce phone case).

Journal #3

First of all, our group’s goal is to create a phone case that can bounce on the floor when you drop it. As I mentioned in the last journal entry: With the increasing amount of people using cell phone, the risk of getting it broken is higher and higher. “Dropping a phone on the ground was the culprit in 74% of these cases. But those simple accidents are costing Americans big time. American smartphone owners broke more than 50 million screens last year — nearly two every second — and spent $3.4 billion to replace them.(MarketWatch, 2018)” I will test it by seeing if it’s bouncy or not by dropping it from a height of 1.4 meters (that’s the height people usually put at) and see how much it bounce. But being bouncy is not enough, we also have to look at if it will sustain its shape after hitting the floor. In class after a few tests, we finally got what we need. However, there’s a problem… it’s not sticky enough to stick on to the phone and, therefore we are only half way there and there’s still a lot of work to do!!!


Polymer Journal # 2

The product my group is trying to make here is a polymer phone case. However it’s not a regular phone case, it’s a bouncy phone case. My target audience is probably everyone that have a cell phone. In now a day, cell phone is already a big part of our life. If we get rid of it, it would be very hard to adapt the new environment. With the increasing amount of people using cell phone, the risk of getting it broken is higher and higher. “Dropping a phone on the ground was the culprit in 74% of these cases. But those simple accidents are costing Americans big time. American smartphone owners broke more than 50 million screens last year — nearly two every second — and spent $3.4 billion to replace them.(MarketWatch, 2018)” Based on some articles, when an object falls to the ground, the one with more flexibility will shy away more force toward itself. That’s where the idea came from. Using borax solution will be the best for our project, because it can make our phone case more flexible instead of making it stickier. But also using water is important too, when you mix borax solution, corn starch, PVA solution, and water together, you create a transparent slime that you can actually design it as a screen protector.







Imagine a life without tests and a world that you can offer anything from the internet to your house without even moving your hands or fingers. This is a world that M. T. Anderson created based on the questions above and what he thinks will happen when the world turns into that. M. T Anderson’s world is a world where people insert FEED in to their head, it’s just like a smart phone in our head, so we can do most of the things we can do now without moving our body. However, the price for that is terrible, decrease of IQ“” and relationships between each other being pull further and further, because lack of face to face communication. M. T. Anderson exclaimed that this kind of world is not stable for a human society to grow and grow even though those people already control the technology to travel to moon.

There’s two main character in this novel, a boy named Titus and a girl named Violet. When there’s two main character, one boy, one girl, what else can happen… Predictable, they fell into love. Although Titus is more likely to be a character to explore in, I still choose to introduce Violet. Not just because of she’s one of the main character, but also her intelligent, appearance, and her influence. Intelligent,  “ ‘I was sitting at the feed doctor’s a few days ago, and I started to think about things. Okay. All right. Everything we do gets thrown into a big calculation. Like they’re watching us right now. They can tell where you’re looking. They want to know what you want’(p97)” When violet’s sharing how she thinks the government is monitoring them, and that’s actually true(speech+thoughts). Apearence, “I watched the juice for her own amusement, she was letting it go, gentle and sexy(18)”“I kept looking the girl in gray, and started to want, more than anything else that night, to be with her(p25)” Those were the comments and thoughts that first come in mind when Titus first saw Violet, which later will be his girlfriend (effect on others+looks). Influence,  “She tried to teach me. It was a complete turn-on. She took my hand and put the tube in my mouth(p57)” After Titus’s and Violet’s and other kids’ feed was being hacked and shot down, it was like the bor-est day of their life. Not until Violet started teaching Titus how to play darting in real life. Which later Titus commanded “One of the greatest day of my life.(57)” Therefore, Violet, daughter of the death language professor and lover of the main male character, proformed an indispensable in this book and I would say her intelligent, appearance, and her influence are the strongest comparing to other characters in this book.

Polymer Journal #1

Polymers are a large class of molecules which includes plastics, plus many other materials, such as cellulose, amber, and natural rubber. They are studied in the fields of biophysics and macromolecule science, and polymer science Polymers are composition of many repeating subunits. In order to make a polymer, all you need is a molecule that can easily bond to another identical molecule. Polymers, both natural and synthetic, are created from many small molecules, known as monomers(Monomers are small molecule which may be joined together in a repeating fashion to form polymers.) Monomers form polymers by forming chemical bonds or binding supra-molecularly through a process called polymerization, chemical groups are lost from the monomers so that they may join together. Their consequently large molecule mass relative to small molecule compounds produces unique physical properties, including toughness, viscoelasticity, and a tendency to form glasses and semi-crystalline structures. Due to their properties, both synthetic and natural polymers play essential and ubiquitous roles in everyday life. Polymers range from familiar synthetic plastic such as polystyrene (transparent and thermoplastic), synthetic fibers, synthetic rubbers to natural biopolymers such as DNA, cellulose, starch, rubber and proteins that are fundamental to biological structure and function.



Sources: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polymer




Historical Fiction

April Morning Theme: A Boy Doesn’t turn into a man overnight.

In the beginning of the story he feels held back by his parents’ view of him as a wayward and difficult child. He is fifteen and tall and wanting to be taken seriously.

Adam wanted to express his own thoughts instead of living under the restrictions form his family. His father criticizes him; his mother thinks he should be reading the Bible in his free time. Granny alone makes Adam feel loved, though she thinks Adam is too rebellious on his non-religion thoughts.

“A boy doesn’t turn into a man overnight. It takes learning and growing and hurting. And most of all, it takes time” (p. 72) Adam’s Mom was trying to tell Adam’s to take his time on growing.

 “A boy went to bed and a man awakened, hey Adam? Said Simmons” (p. 66).  Simmons tried to help out Adam’s family after Adam’s dad’s death.

After Adam’s father was killed, he had to take up his father’s position in the family. He is scared for his life hiding in the smokehouse, but when he saw his little brother’s fear, he promised in his brain that“I would take care of him just as if I were his own father” (p. 102).