Historical Fiction

April Morning Theme: A Boy Doesn’t turn into a man overnight.

In the beginning of the story he feels held back by his parents’ view of him as a wayward and difficult child. He is fifteen and tall and wanting to be taken seriously.

Adam wanted to express his own thoughts instead of living under the restrictions form his family. His father criticizes him; his mother thinks he should be reading the Bible in his free time. Granny alone makes Adam feel loved, though she thinks Adam is too rebellious on his non-religion thoughts.

“A boy doesn’t turn into a man overnight. It takes learning and growing and hurting. And most of all, it takes time” (p. 72) Adam’s Mom was trying to tell Adam’s to take his time on growing.

 “A boy went to bed and a man awakened, hey Adam? Said Simmons” (p. 66).  Simmons tried to help out Adam’s family after Adam’s dad’s death.

After Adam’s father was killed, he had to take up his father’s position in the family. He is scared for his life hiding in the smokehouse, but when he saw his little brother’s fear, he promised in his brain that“I would take care of him just as if I were his own father” (p. 102).

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