Imagine a life without tests and a world that you can offer anything from the internet to your house without even moving your hands or fingers. This is a world that M. T. Anderson created based on the questions above and what he thinks will happen when the world turns into that. M. T Anderson’s world is a world where people insert FEED in to their head, it’s just like a smart phone in our head, so we can do most of the things we can do now without moving our body. However, the price for that is terrible, decrease of IQ“” and relationships between each other being pull further and further, because lack of face to face communication. M. T. Anderson exclaimed that this kind of world is not stable for a human society to grow and grow even though those people already control the technology to travel to moon.

There’s two main character in this novel, a boy named Titus and a girl named Violet. When there’s two main character, one boy, one girl, what else can happen… Predictable, they fell into love. Although Titus is more likely to be a character to explore in, I still choose to introduce Violet. Not just because of she’s one of the main character, but also her intelligent, appearance, and her influence. Intelligent,  “ ‘I was sitting at the feed doctor’s a few days ago, and I started to think about things. Okay. All right. Everything we do gets thrown into a big calculation. Like they’re watching us right now. They can tell where you’re looking. They want to know what you want’(p97)” When violet’s sharing how she thinks the government is monitoring them, and that’s actually true(speech+thoughts). Apearence, “I watched the juice for her own amusement, she was letting it go, gentle and sexy(18)”“I kept looking the girl in gray, and started to want, more than anything else that night, to be with her(p25)” Those were the comments and thoughts that first come in mind when Titus first saw Violet, which later will be his girlfriend (effect on others+looks). Influence,  “She tried to teach me. It was a complete turn-on. She took my hand and put the tube in my mouth(p57)” After Titus’s and Violet’s and other kids’ feed was being hacked and shot down, it was like the bor-est day of their life. Not until Violet started teaching Titus how to play darting in real life. Which later Titus commanded “One of the greatest day of my life.(57)” Therefore, Violet, daughter of the death language professor and lover of the main male character, proformed an indispensable in this book and I would say her intelligent, appearance, and her influence are the strongest comparing to other characters in this book.

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