Polymer Journal # 2

The product my group is trying to make here is a polymer phone case. However it’s not a regular phone case, it’s a bouncy phone case. My target audience is probably everyone that have a cell phone. In now a day, cell phone is already a big part of our life. If we get rid of it, it would be very hard to adapt the new environment. With the increasing amount of people using cell phone, the risk of getting it broken is higher and higher. “Dropping a phone on the ground was the culprit in 74% of these cases. But those simple accidents are costing Americans big time. American smartphone owners broke more than 50 million screens last year — nearly two every second — and spent $3.4 billion to replace them.(MarketWatch, 2018)” Based on some articles, when an object falls to the ground, the one with more flexibility will shy away more force toward itself. That’s where the idea came from. Using borax solution will be the best for our project, because it can make our phone case more flexible instead of making it stickier. But also using water is important too, when you mix borax solution, corn starch, PVA solution, and water together, you create a transparent slime that you can actually design it as a screen protector.






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