Journal #3

First of all, our group’s goal is to create a phone case that can bounce on the floor when you drop it. As I mentioned in the last journal entry: With the increasing amount of people using cell phone, the risk of getting it broken is higher and higher. “Dropping a phone on the ground was the culprit in 74% of these cases. But those simple accidents are costing Americans big time. American smartphone owners broke more than 50 million screens last year — nearly two every second — and spent $3.4 billion to replace them.(MarketWatch, 2018)” I will test it by seeing if it’s bouncy or not by dropping it from a height of 1.4 meters (that’s the height people usually put at) and see how much it bounce. But being bouncy is not enough, we also have to look at if it will sustain its shape after hitting the floor. In class after a few tests, we finally got what we need. However, there’s a problem… it’s not sticky enough to stick on to the phone and, therefore we are only half way there and there’s still a lot of work to do!!!


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