Polymer Journal #4

First prototype wasn’t very successful, we had 100 ml of PVA glue, 10 ml of borax solution, and 20ml of water as a recipe. it was too sticky when it turns out after the chemical reaction. Then we tried again, but this time with more water and borax solution. The second prototype turns out to be much more bouncy and sticky less, however, it’s still not stable/strong enough. Then we tried the same thing with different amount of each reactants again and again(all failed), until we found a new solution/recipe. After the few failures, I kind of give up with the previous recipe, so I just “mess around” with the materials we had. Surprisingly, I created something new, something bouncier, stronger, sticky less… The HRPC version#1.0! Because what I had done, our team move on to the new recipe: 100 g corn starch, 50 ml PVA solution, 40 ml borax solution. Although it’s already pretty good, but it wasn’t good enough for Team Tucker(our team name)!!! We then revise our recipe to a better one, The HRPC version#2.0: 100 g corn starch, 100 ml PVA solution, 20 ml borax solution. Here’s a photo of The HRPC(heavily reinforce phone case).

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