Polymer journal #5


Claim: The best polymer we made is “The HRPC version 2.0”.

Evidence+Reasoning: We didn’t have statistic data, but we do have comparison between HRPCs. The prototype #1 was too sticky and slimy for a phone case; Prototype #2 was too slimy and soft for a phone case; Prototype #3-6 were all too soft; The HPRC version 1.0 succeed almost every perspective, but some parts of it was too powdery; The HRPC version 2.0 was bouncy, strong, stable, sticky less, slimy less, powdery less. Therefore, it’s the best prototype we have so far comparing to other prototypes.

The presentation for Dream On Team went pretty well, but it’s not perfect. We could have interact with the audience+Dream On Team, because it’s a little bit boring when presenting the pros and cons for our project. Another area for improvement it that the sustainability of our polymer, it wasn’t very environmental friendly(Borax solution and PVA solution were not biodegradable).



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