3D Modeling Reflection

In this 3D Modeling Fusion task, I designed a larger and more detailed earphone case that can contain both an earplug and an Earphone case. Usually, earphone cases were way too small, easy to get lost, and were dull in appearance. In the design of this earphone case, I used sketching tools such as line, circle, and offset, and the extrude to create a structural base for my earphone case in the beginning. Soon after it, I categorized the two “bodies” I created into two different components foulders. Because of this, it will be easier for me when creating and connecting the two bodies together with the use of “joint”, which was soon later. One thing that was essential for my design is that I left out a hole in the lower middle for my earphone case, it’s suppose to be a place that covers the button of charging on normal earphone cases. This design makes the product more efficient for us, so that we don’t have to take it out every time we want to let the case to charge the earplug outside, which is very important in modern days. After designing the detailed element such as vampire teeth, bat nose, etc, I “fillet” almost everything on the surface of my design. This step is important because the earphone would be smoother and won’t cut the hand that grabbed it when 3D printed out.

When I was doing a draft of the design, I didn’t realize that I had a mistake in the structural base part, then I was stuck and I didn’t know how to fix it. It was the hardest challenge that I faced and wasted over 30 minutes of my time. Later I choose to redo the model with these important changes in mind, and it was successful for me. Before this project, I wasn’t very sure about the transformation from sketching into bodies by the use of “Extrude”, I misunderstood the idea with when I finished transforming the sketch, the sketch will disappear. During the task, I learned that there’s a sketching folder that contains all the sketches I sketched before and the sketchings didn’t disappear, they were just invisible.


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