Updating the beat sheet with Jun

  • Main goal: make the change of the beat sheet and change the font smaller.


Things that I did today

  • Change the font to a smaller font
  • Change some part of the beat sheet. Because the actor of the protagonist is changed.
  • Highlighted important sentences or phrases to make them easier to recognize when our group-mates are finding information.



Task 2: Prepare basketball for our group’s film.

Jun and I decided to borrow the basketball from Gym 2.

Our purpose to borrow basketball is to create some new sounds for our film. Because the main idea of our film is “bounce”





Food truck blog post (plus other assessments)

Before you move on, this is a new version of my logo. What’s in these pictures are the old logos before they are fixed.

Basic information about my food truck:

My food truck sells delicious drinks and various ice creams. The main consumers of this food truck are of all ages. People of all ages can enjoy ice cream and drinks. The price is also low. The main goals of these assessments are simple designs, logos and make this food truck available to all ages,



Design refinement and process:

Showing about the design process of my food truck (sketch, illustrator and research)

Before I designed my own food truck, I want to make the food truck sells ice creams and drinks. Examples could be ‘Starbucks’ and ‘Baskin-Robbins’. These shops are popular and can be used by all age groups at a relatively low price than other shops. Also, the style of the food truck is vintage.

After planning how to make the food truck, I create some goods about my food truck:

I drew three flavors of ice cream in the beverage cup because the main items in my put truck are drinks and ice cream. You can tell consumers that this logo is a food truck that sells drinks and ice cream just by just looking at it. Rather, a neat logo can impress consumers more than adding more decoration.




In this paper bag, I decorated the logo mainly in red. Because if you put in red, it goes well with brown, which is the color of the envelope. I put a big logo in the middle of the bag so that people can see the logos better. Also, make a bag out of recyclable wood. It is also used by the global coffee company “Starbucks”.

The number of menus is not too much and not too little. Coffee, smoothie, fruit juice, etc. can be enjoyed by all age groups, and they also sell at the lowest price so that the price is not too high.
After I got feedback from Mr. Griffin, I changed the ice cream model and changed the writing position.
Reflection of the food truck project:
The reason why I made this food truck is because of the memory of going to the park with my family. It took parents a long time to find a coffee shop nearby to buy coffee. So it’s this food truck that came up with to relieve such discomfort. It was hard to use the illustration program properly when making the food truck, but I got used to the illustration program as I had a zoom meeting with my teacher and looked it up on DX. Based on my familiarity, I developed my food truck by getting feedback and fixing things to fix. However, I could have made a better food truck than before, but that’s too bad.
Beautiful of my food truck:
The food truck has not many decorations and is not fancy, but the logo and background harmonize well with each other and the design looks very simple. I think a neat and tidy design attracts people more than a fancy one. I think a neat design can deliver the logo’s expression to people straight.
Next time, I want to design the food truck about Kimbap. Kimbap is the Korean traditional foods made from cooked rice and other ingredients that are rolled in dried sheets of seaweed—and served in bite-sized slices. Kimbap is very delicious and designing the food truck about Kimbap is a great opportunity to spread Korean culture to people in other countries. Also, there are many creative design ideas about how to design Kimbap.
Presentation assessments:
(click it to download ppt)
This is a new version of my logo. What’s in the PPT is the old logo before it’s fixed.
Food refinement+sketch,planning
(click to download)

Unit 2: Drawing folio

In unit 2, I learned about observational drawing. Observational drawing could be a very useful technique in various parts. In the observational drawing, people need to observe the object specifically and carefully.  The drawer should be closely observed the object because observational drawing is literally drawing object in the paper. Therefore, it is important to recognize the characteristics and important parts of the object.

I drew a bottle, an apple, and my AirPods. I tried to draw exactly the same with my objects as possible as I can. It was quite interesting because I could find many small details in objects that I missed in normal life. Also, it was challenging to draw the shadows of the object. Plus, I wanted to add some colors in observational drawing, but unfortunately, I didn’t have the color pencils at that moment.

Visualization drawing is sketching the idea for the various aspects. It could be common or it could be special than others. It is free to draw visually what you think. There is no limitation. I think visualization drawing is very helpful to make some new and creative things. It leads to more interesting and developed ideas than before. However, it was challenging to express the dragons in my visualization drawing


For visualization drawing, I drew the logos of the 40th anniversary of ISB. I want to indicate and emphasize the dragons (Mascot of ISB) and number 40  in the logos. It was easy to think about the logos of about 40, but it was quite challenging to think about dragons.  Dragon is difficult to draw and difficult to find a suitable design.


IDU project reflection

  • How did you assess yourself on the “collaboration” strand of the student as a learner rubric?

I will assess myself as a “meeting”. When our group teammates first saw each other, we didn’t know what should we do at the moment. Ms. Maloney encouraged us to discuss and communicate with my teammates. Then, I started to communicate with my teammates. I tried to motivate them with my enthusiastic works. I am not the best native English speaker, but I tried to lead our group. If I had some questions, I always asked my teammates and if my teammates are suffering from some problems, I always tried to help them.

  • What are your strengths as a team member?

Before I said, I am not the best skilled English speaker in our group. However, I could say that I tried to provide them some positive and optimistic effects on them. Sometimes I wanted to give up and play with friends, but I didn’t give up and tried to cooperate with my teammates and do some works.  Also, another strength is that I am enthusiastic. I go to my mentoring teacher or other teachers for help if I or our group had some questions. Some students think that asking the questions to teachers is difficult. They are ashamed to ask. However, I am not. Sometimes I didn’t want to ask teachers for help, but because of our teammates, I try to go and ask teachers for help.

  • What do you still need to work on?

There are a plethora of things that I need to improve, but I think my weakness is quiet. When our group teammates are doing something, everybody says their own opinion. However, I didn’t. I am a little embarrassed to say my opinion. I don’t know why I am embarrassed, but I keep trying to talk louder about my thoughts than before.

  • When is collaboration is valuable?
  • While I was making the ppt to present our IDU project, I didn’t know how to make it, but our group teammates helped me how to fix the ppt slide show.
  • What are the challenges of collaborating with others?
  • When our group was planning about the solution how to solve the mental health problem in ISB. 2 people agreed with the bathroom posters and the other teammates selected the other solution. For the first time, we argued with each other, but we made a compromise.
  • How can these challenges best be managed and/or overcome?

Designer persona – James Park

Describe the process of creating your vector portrait. What were the biggest challenges? How did your skills improve over time?         I used the Abobe illustrator to make my design persona. I used to draw my self-portrait by only using the triangles. It was difficult to use the tools and other techniques in Adobe illustrator but, after a few days, I could use some parts of tools and techniques. When I first started to use the triangles, I didn’t know how to fill the colors inside the triangles. And also, I didn’t know how to make the shadows or other details in Adobe illustrator, I kept asking for help to Mr. Griffin and other assistances. They helped me how to use the Adobe illustrators. I still don’t know 100% of Adobe illustrator, but I could say that I KNOW how to use this program.
How does your poster’s aesthetic reflect who you are as a designer?

It is awesome that I could express, show my face by only using the triangles without drawing with pencils or pens. It is very interesting and it could be very helpful technique in my designing classes.


This is a PDF file

my face

Designer persona blog (Graphic Design)

What do you think graphic design is?

  • Designing the graphic of products

These graphic illustrations inspire me to learn about graphic design.


What skills do you hope to learn?

I want to learn about 3D modeling and freehand drawing


What is the best thing you ever made?

Unfortunately, there is not the best product that I made, but I will choose my wood pencil case that I made in product design class.


What do you want to make?

I want to make things about 3D illustrations and 3D printer


What strengths do you have that you can bring to your learning in this course?

I need to bring my freehand drawing skills and I will try to participate in my graphic design task more than before.

Product Design presentation



My product is a standing pencil case and it can protect the pencil’s lead from other harmful stuff.

You can put 7 pencils in the one standing pencil case.  This standing pencil case will protect pencil lead from other things.

If you put pencils in standing pencil case, it looks like this.  This standing pencil is a first draft and I made it by using wood. 

In the final draft, I can make this pencil case by using plastic molding. It is more sustainable and more stable than my previous wood pencil standing case. Plastic case is thick and hard than my wood standing pencil case.

Pencil case in the left is the standing pencil case with cardboard and the right one is the standing pencil case with more thick wood board.

I waxed inside the molding case to take it the case easier than before. If wax is not available inside the molding case, the case will be stuck to the case.

Like these people can put the pencils inside the holes. Left one (wood) is longer than the right one (Plastic) so it is easy to put the pencils inside the holes. However, plastic one is small but it does not break easily than wood pencil case. Each of them has their own strength and weakness.

Blog post 2: Develop & Plan

Brainstorming (Examples of standing pencil cases)

Like this, I will make a standing pencil case. Then make holes below the case to put pencils.

Resources: Photo



Procedure (How to make it):

I will use plastic molding to make my plastic standing pencil case.

Useful website: https://preciousplastic.com/en/index.html (Previous plastic)

There are 3 ways that I can make this plastic standing pencil case.

1, Using a plastic disc by using a laser cutter.

2, Using plastic moldings

3, Using plastics extruder (Challenge and I can’t use it)

This is a structure of plastics extruder:

Prototype: Using a wood card

Use a wood card and glue gun to connect the wood card. It is just a prototype so I can put one pencil in this pencil case.



Pencil cylinder with hole: Define & Inquire

Pencil cylinder with hole.

My plan is to make a pencil case looks like a cylinder with a hole.  It could be general but it will be useful to protect pencils from others.


This poster shows a person who is using my product. Before I said, it will be helpful for writers or other people who are using a pencil a lot.

My product is a pencil case with holes. Usually, when people put many pencils in one place, pencils will break. Therefore, I make holes under the pencil case. Then, people can use pencils without breaking the pencils.