Weekly Blog – Tutor training

This has been a progressing week on CANVAS! I tried to catch up a bit, and I’m currently at “Socratic Questioning”. I spent my weekend working on the essay assignment, and I will return to CANVAS next week.

Due to my procrastination, I’m still a little bit behind, but I will learn to manage my time and make some solid progress.

Mini Reflection on CANVAS

This is a short reflection on how well I’m currently doing with CANVAS. I encountered some problems in getting enrolled in CANVAS and lagged a bit behind. I will find some time to catch up with the rest of my peers.

Some advantages and disadvantages I found with CANVAS:

-CANVAS seem really professional. If you accidentally make a mistake or did not follow the instructions of the assignment, a special instructor will contact you and guide you.

-The problem I find is the unlocking assignment part. You always have to wait for your mentor to grade on the previous assignment before moving on to the next one. Sometimes it takes a long time for our mentor to grade, which affected our progression.


Overall, I’m doing alright:)

The Beginning of Online Course

This week, I have begun the “Student Orientation” course on CANVAS. I think this website is really precise and detailed, there are different kinds of instructions, you can also consult from the “help” button. The orientation taught me some basic instructions and how to use CANVAS. I think I still need time to familiarize myself with this website because I think its really complex. Although I have no idea what this website is about, I’m looking forward to learning some knowledge about how to being a tutor in the future.