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This week has been really progressive for me. I completed my first draft of “What I Will Give Back” paper and the Crossroads course. I’ll just have to wait for my mentor to grade my student survey.

The completion of Crossroads has lifted a heavy weight off my chest. The time spent was not wasted, I feel relieved when finishing up this long project (About a month). Next week, I will receive feedback from Mr. Dilts and revise my draft.

In general, I’m ready for new assignments upcoming in the future for tutor training!

3 thoughts on “Weekly Blog- Tutor Training

  1. Hi Jasmine, congratulations on finishing the Crosswords of learning course! Yayyyy. I completely agree, life definitely feels much easier without the online course, but it was really beneficial. I can’t wait to work with you in future classrooms! 🙂


  2. Hi Jasmine,

    Wow! I’m so glad that you got so much work done. I agree with you on how the time spent on the online course is definitely not wasted–I think time on any kind of learning is not wasted time. You are going to be a great tutor!

  3. Hi Jasmine,
    Woah! I am great to hear how much progress you have been making in the online course and the “What I’ll Give Back” paper! Time management is what I struggle all the time, but I am glad you are keeping yourself very well. I also cannot wait for more upcoming assignments for Tutor Training I, and I cannot wait for the school to resume (or when we get to figure out how we can be able to help students through zoom/ WeChat even at this point).

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