SWOT Reflection

Strengths & Weaknesses

My strengths are diligence and perseverance. I’m focused in class and possess a good work ethic. I consider myself a decent writer, at most times, and I enjoy writing in my own leisure time. I’m also a great listener that respects others’ opinions and ideas.

My weaknesses are the lack of courage for public speaking. I dislike public presentations and I’m frightened by them. Speaking in front of a large audience makes me panic, and I usually don’t perform as well as speaking to a smaller group or to myself.


I have many resources to use in achieving my goals. I can use textbooks to broaden my vocabulary volume. I also have daily interactions with teachers that are fluent in English around school, so I look forward to increasing my speaking and listening skills. IB students are also required to read multiple literature/non-literature works, so I’m excited to enhance my reading ability.


I have a heavy-loaded schedule that is coming up since I’m taking full IB. CAS, TOK, and EE along with the other 6 subjects will pile up and fill almost every part of my schedule. I might struggle to manage my time wisely and maintain a positive mindset during stressful times.

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