Create Your Own Propaganda Poster Project

The topic of this poster is on advertising my literature talent and accomplishment to the people who are reading the “Prodigy Times” magazine to increase my publicity and renown. This poster included several of my achievements, a “comment” from William Shakespeare, and a picture of myself on the left side of the poster. The main techniques being employed are ethos, logos, and the use of color. In the lower-left corner, a portrait of William Shakespeare, the most famous playwright at all times, has been placed. He holds up his thumb that indicates approval, and a speech bubble of his comment displaying “young genius” is included. This establishes the credibility of my talent because Shakespeare holds absolute authority and renown in the literature field, a positive appreciation from him indicates the subject’s doubtless worth, thus effectively persuades the audience. The inclusion of “Prodigy Times” and a “Certified” logo also escalates authoritativeness, enabling the context poster to be more convincing and believable. Moreover, a few of my feats that included “most influential author”, “youngest popular bookseller”, and “works translated into 30 languages” are listed in a conspicuous position, which all establishes the prominence of my accomplishments through logical argument. The demonstration of my attainment portrays me as a young, successful, and talented author figure. Lastly, the caption that entitles my name, capitalized in white that strongly contrasts with the background, captures the audience’s immediate attention as the salience and allows better memory retention on the subject’s identity.


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