“Throwing A Ball” – Math Activity

I learned what does RMSE means in real life situation, it relates to our linear regression and parabola we learned in Algebra 1.

Our group did pretty well at getting the work done on time. We split up work evenly and finished the video in a short amount of time.

Our group faced a challenge of filming. When recording, Alissa and Audrey sometimes can’t pass the ball perfectly for each other to catch. But after practicing a few times, Olivia successfully got a nice video of each throw.

Our group should improve adding more information (not just RMSE and linear/parabola equations).

If I can do this again, I will change the ball. The ball we used this time was white, so it’s really hard to see in LoggerPro. Next time, I want to change it into a different color, and probably bigger so it’s easier to catch.