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The Beginning of Online Course

This week, I have begun the “Student Orientation” course on CANVAS. I think this website is really precise and detailed, there are different kinds of instructions, you can also consult from the “help” button. The orientation taught me some basic… Continue Reading →

IDU – Reflective Blog Post

Team 11 JAMMY DODGERS Teammates: Jasmine, Angela, Monika   Our team had an amazing experience together during the IDU unit and learned the key to collaboration. Teammate Angela is my good friend. But I didn’t interact with Monika for a… Continue Reading →

Tutor Training – About me

My name is Jasmine Zhou. I’m was born in Singapore, then moved back to Beijing when I was 4. I like to read during my free time, hang out with friends, or just watch movies online and enjoying alone. I… Continue Reading →

Tutor Training – Upcoming Semester!

It’s a pleasure to attend tutor training with Mr. Dilts as a 9th grader. Special thanks to Ms. Cox for the recommendation.    I’m hoping for a great time to cooperate with peers and do independent self-work for the rest… Continue Reading →

“Throwing A Ball” – Math Activity

I learned what does RMSE means in real life situation, it relates to our linear regression and parabola we learned in Algebra 1. Our group did pretty well at getting the work done on time. We split up work evenly… Continue Reading →

Polymer Project Journal #5

Flip book created by: Flipsnack.com

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