Duplicating Life Reflection

Kelley and I made a sculpture that communicates the idea of how people are all so dependant on their phones. We wanted to bring awareness of how much time people are viewing their screens, so we decided to locate our sculptures in front of the library, in the hallway, and in Shine City. However, we didn’t have enough time to put our sculpture in Shine City since I lived very far, and also the guards there were strict about it. We had to think of a new place that will do the same job, and we came up with putting it in the cafeteria during the morning where many people come to buy breakfast.

Although the big meaning was the same, each place had a slightly different meaning.

First, in front of the library communicates the idea of wasting our time, which amplifies the message to a wide age range. Many students go to the library to study, but I see them on their phones and computers watching YouTube. We had to lay the sculpture down because the leg got weaker for some reason and it couldn’t stand. I think lying down emphasized wasting time/resting and not doing the work that they are supposed to do. There was one person we saw who was interested in our sculpture. She was wondering how we made this with the tape, and what meaning it has.

Second, in the cafeteria communicates the idea of being on screen and not having talks with people when we eat. Many people just stare at their phones while eating with each other. I put the sculpture near the entrance so many people could see it, however, no one was interested and it got ignored.

Lastly, in the hallway communicates the idea of being on the screen while walking. It is dangerous to not look forward while walking. But, many students text their friends or watch something on their phones while walking in the hallway. We wanted to make them look at the sculpture and acknowledge what they were doing. However, students were distracted by their phones or friends and didn’t notice that there was a sculpture.

It was interesting to see how the meaning of the same sculpture could differ depending on the place, because of the audience, environment, and what people do at that place.


Process of Duplicating Life Project

How did your group pick the final idea?

Kelley, Amber, and I are in a group, but since Amber is making her own sculpture I only had to discuss it with Kelley. I had an idea on my own, but I wasn’t really satisfied with it, and I thought there could be a better idea. When Kelley showed her idea and her sketch, I really liked it. I was thinking of making the whole sculpture clear, and only some parts that I want to emphasize in color. Kelley’s idea is to make the body transparent, but the phone very colorful to emphasize, so we easily decided to follow Kelley’s idea as our final project.

Screen Print Reflection

Art developed in different ways over time, and it is also being developed now. As art developed, many different forms of art were created, one of which, the screen printing. Screen printing became popularly used and developed during the pop art movement because, with one screen, people could make numerous copies, so it could spread and reach people faster.

Technology and media help us with our art-making. Without the help of technology, I wouldn’t be able to make my screen print because I used a machine that could put light through my screen and make it printable.  Although my partner and I didn’t use media/pictures for screen printing, other groups found a picture online and used ‘word’ to change it to black and white with high contrast, in order to prevent light from going through some places. Media and technology could help us with art-making because some of the art forms require technology, or the art could get better with the use of technology and media.
I think digital print is as valuable as traditional print because digital print is just a different way of printing and it has advantages that traditional print doesn’t have, such as less time consuming, and labor-consuming. However, traditional print is also as valuable because someone has to print each page one by one with preciseness and concentration, instead of having a machine print.

Final Journal Reflection

I made an artwork about corona virus because pop art should have a subject that is very common for many people. Since the virus is affecting everyone in the world, I made an artwork that represents virus, and the situation happening now.

I started this artwork by choosing the size of a canvas. I didn’t have any idea of what size and shape of the canvas I should use. When I went into the room with canvases, the square canvas and the medium size rectangular canvas caught my eye. I had to decide between those two. I chose the medium-sized rectangular canvas since I wanted to have the background bigger than the virus and the masks in the center. I had the idea of what to paint in my head and notebook, so all I needed to do before actually going into the painting is to have a sketch to guide myself when painting. I used a light blue color pencil to sketch because when I use a pencil, it would see through the light color paints that I use for my masks. I started with sketching the virus because it needs to be in the center of the canvas, also it helps me draw the masks around it. Then, I sketched the mask in the front since I think it is the easiest among the three masks. I referred to a photo online of a KN95 mask on the right side of the virus because it was a bit challenging for me to sketch. After I finished sketching the virus and masks, I had to think about what to do for the background. I knew that I wanted to express that the virus in the center is spreading, so I was looking through the internet to get some inspiration. I found the “speed line” and I thought this suits my intention perfectly. I got a 50-centimeter ruler to sketch the lines. However, the lines’ thickness was a hard part to consider; I had to erase and resketch the lines three times because of it. When I was satisfied with my sketch, I thought about the colors that I wanted to use. As I mentioned in the plan, I wanted to use red and black, because red and black represents something negative. I started painting the virus. Since the main color of the virus is red, I painted red first. However, when I painted half of the virus, the virus didn’t stand out, and it looked very simple. So, I decided to make some parts more darker, so it has the effect of making the virus look more like a sphere shape and to show that masks are covering it.

During the process of actually making the artwork, I made changes from the plan. I was originally thinking of coloring the masks light blue, white, and light green. However, when I did the first mask in the front with light blue, I really liked the color. And when I did the second mask with white, it didn’t look good, so I changed my mind and decided to paint all the three masks in light blue. In addition, I originally thought of having the virus much smaller, so the masks covers all of it. However, I saw news saying that the covid is getting worse in some countries such as the US, so I made the virus big and masks smaller. I will talk about the meanings behind this soon.

As I mentioned, my art work is representing the virus and the situation that everyone is facing or have faced. The virus in the middle represents the virus itself killing and harming people. The masks in the middle are representing that people are working hard to cover the virus and stop them from spreading. Almost everyone in the world wears masks whenever they need to go outside their house. I thought wearing masks is the most common way that people try to stop the spread of covid. However, it not only represents wearing masks but it is also a symbol of all the work that people are doing to stop the spread, such as washing hands, using hand sanitizer, keeping social distance, quarantine, and all the hard work that doctors and medical helpers are doing. The reason why I increased the size of the virus when the situation in the world got worse, is to show that although people working as hard as it was (keeping the size of masks same), the spread and people who are infected are increasing (larger virus). The reason I chose light colors for the masks is to show that people’s work is not as strong as the spread of the virus. Some artworks by Ai Weiwei, he uses some bad words on them to criticize thing. I was inspired by him, and decided that my artwork should also have a message to the world. And my message is that we should not give up in this situation, but work harder. I showed this through making some parts of the masks darker. The darker color is more eye catching and strong, meaning that the people are working harder.

My artwork relates to Pop Art. Pop art is an artwork that has a subject which is popular. My main theme of the artwork is corona virus. Corona virus is popular in a negative way, but everyone in the world knows about it, and probably had been affected by it. Pop art mainly uses strong colors, primary colors with strong lines or contrast. I think my artwork contains all of the above. I have used red, black, and white for most of the places. And I think it really catches the eye. Also, the contrast between the background/virus, and the masks is very strong making my artwork more interesting for the audience.

I am pleased with my art that I made. I chose this course because I wanted to have a class where I could paint, and work on art in order to give me some time where I could relax and enjoy. I am really happy that I made a decent artwork that I am satisfied with the quality. I was not an artistic person, although my mom majored in art and she has a job related to it, I always thought that I was really bad at art and I didn’t have an average art skill. After I made this art work I gained a bit of  confidence. If I had more time, I would like to change some parts. First, I want to make the masks more detailed. The masks are very simple and I just have basic lines that makes the masks look like masks. I would like to spend more time on sketching the masks and painting it more carefully, especially the mask straps. Second, I want to be more carefull when I paint the black lines in the background. I used tape to paint straight line, however in some parts, the paint when under the tape and invaded the line. It was okay with red, because I was able to cover it easily with black. But it was almost impossible to cover black with red. Next time, I want to tape it more securely. Next time, I think I can improve the connecting part. I want to make an artwork that could show more the inspirations from other pop artists.

Journal Assessment

I was inspired by Ai Wei Wei. I got the idea of masks from him. He paints on masks and sold them to help people in need during this period. I was also inspired by Roy Lichtenstein about only using a few colors (primary colors) – I think this made the artwork stand out.

Among some ideas I had, I chose the virus and masks because I think it really shows the popular culture in 2020. Everyone knows about maks and I believe making an artwork about the virus is clearly showing all the situation, compared to an empty shelf, online learning tools/apps, and etc.

I was initially thinking of making a 3D model, however after the SCAMPER, and peer feedback, I thought 3D print will be too much for this project. Additionally, I thought painting, the recommendation from the teacher, would be also good.

I am currently in the stage of painting the virus.

Marylin Analysis

This artwork was created in 1967 in America. This artwork was made as an influence from British pop culture. Marilyn Monroe is an icon of pop culture. In Britain, people used mass-produced things and materialism from America as a source of their pop culture. This concept of British pop culture and art influenced Andy Warhol which made him make pop arts like this. “Warhol’s depictions of women and starlets of the time explored the relationships between consumer society, fashion, fame, sensationalism, and death. It is also said that through his distinctive style of work, Warhol referred to a society in which individuals were seen as mere products rather than human beings”. He made many artworks of actresses and women. He wanted to understand and express the allure of the global celebrities that made them famous. He used screen printing very often. He and other commercial artists thought that it was the most effective way. This method of printing was also used in this artwork of Marilyn Monroe. He was a gay man and appreciated how they look and by depicting them in his artwork, he made them the icon of beauty and sophistication.

He was born to Slovakian immigrants. Andy Warhol suffered from Sydenham’s chorea, which caused a host of medical issues that would often lead Warhol to miss school frequently. As a child, he was often away from his friends and was thus heavily influenced by his stylistic choices and personality. His style was further impacted by the people he saw on TV. Then he joined the Carnegie Institute of Technology that commercial art (promotions and advertisements), and started to direct his work and actually started to become a pop artist. I think his childhood affected him to think outside what everybody else thinks about art. This made him be a unique and famous pop artist because he was one of the people who started the style of pop art – colorful, and mass-produced.

To talk about the formal analysis of Marilyn Monroe by Andy Warhol, we could see colors, lines, shapes, texture, and value. His use of colorful colors is one of the most dominant art elements in this work. Light pink, deep pink, yellow, and black are used. The colors are used to show values – shadows and dark parts are printed in black, hair is printed in yellow, the background, lips, eye shadows, and details are printed in deep pink, and the skin is printed in light pink. I believe that yellow among these colors stood out and catches the audience’s eyes. In addition, the shadows are printed in little dots, while the eyebrow is printed in short lines. The mole in Marilyn Monroe’s cheek is printed as a black dot but has a small pink circle on top. I think his usage of small shapes and lines to form big shapes creates a bit of texture.