I learned that photography isn’t always necessarily about taking the photo yourself it’s about the idea behind it and how you organize your final project. I learned how different photographers had very different ideas on the genre of reflective photography and how different techniques and ideas can be portrayed using objects and angles. I learned from Robert holden to keep everything the exact size of the frame of the camera so all the objects fit in and are arranged so they fit geometrically. This makes it more visually appealing for the viewer as well as what colored background you chose will be very important. Robert holden really inspired me because I liked his more abstract and personal take on the idea of reflective photography, so I took his general idea and gave it a twist of my own which is why I’m doing the collage of photos as my final project.

Vision and Statement of Intent

What will your message be?

Because of how different the medium or style the photos will be in I want the viewer to take a second to reflect upon their own year as they look across the collection and they take a moment to reflect on themselves as the look around the gallery of photos.


How will you show this message with your photography-

Because of how I intend to collect all the multitude of photos I won’t be personally collecting all the photos but instead will be tasking tens of people to take the photos themselves. I will be providing a reference photo but it will be up to each person how it turns out which should add a nice original touch to the piece. However what I can improve with this project is my photoshop skills and how I arrange photos to make them more aesthetically pleasing and the different techniques that I can use to accomplish that


Compare each of your favorite images to the others.

Again because of how different this project is focusing on specific techniques is impossible because I won’t be taking the photos myself. However I will be looking at how to make an effective collage and how different colors blend together well and the organization of different photos with different content interact together to make a visually appealing piece. My goal for this project is to make a collage made up of at least twenty photos from different people. Each photo will be of a couple items that the person feels best reflects their 2020. And because I am combining multiple people and their ideas together I hope that with a single combined picture I can provide something or an image that everyone looking at the picture can relate to.


The working title of my project is “Our 2020”


I want my audience to feel:

I want my audience to take a moment and reflect on their year when they see my photos and see if they can relate with anyone’s items and just take a couple seconds to self-reflect on how they are doing and how they intend to do this year.


I will get inspiration and develop my ideas by looking for photographs by Robert Holden that show how exactly people take their photos and what arrangements and what orientation of photos look the most aesthetically pleasing so that I can give the people I will be emailing reference photos and so that I know how best to organize my final collage so that people will be pleased by what they see.

Robert Holden – Reflections

Robert Holden is a self-declared stateless photographer, a journeyer and an environmentalist. His work revolves around the humanistic idea of travel. The journey and the encounter are his main themes. His photographic approach is subjective and emotional. Many of his personal projects are based on reality but often combine a personal narrative, and are “… symbolic of today’s evolutionary development, straddling between reportage photography and art with a social message. A great example for his style of photography is his “Burning House” collection. Where people from all over the world submitted a single photo including possessions of theirs that they would save from their home. This style of photography really shows the different aspect of “Reflective Photography”. Unlike the other photographers taking photos on the reflection genre. He takes the meaning to a different level and says that reflective photography is a photo to reflect upon yourself.