Assassin’s Creed Setting

Setting Plays an important role in Assassins Creed Revelations. The world of 14th century Europe shapes how the story plays out. Firstly, it allows the main character to get around easily within the city as it can allow people to easily hide. Secondly, it sets a mood of darkness as the world back then was at war constantly and it put our protagonist constantly against the rest of the government taking action into his own hands trying to do what’s right.


14th century Europe gives our character a lot of restrictions as well as a lot of flexibility. One of the advantages that the setting gives him is how many escape routes and climbable surfaces there are. All the building in Europe at that time were small and had many ledges for our protagonist to able to make a quick and agile escape or an easy route to somewhere. One of the restrictions that the setting gives our protagonist technology. One of the biggest factors that restrict him is technology because he is constantly polishing and wiping his blades and breaking his contraptions. When now in the 21st century we have guns and weapons that don’t need to be polished and are nearly impossible to break.


The setting for Assassins Creed Revelations is helps set a mood for the story. It sets a dark mood as people are getting oppressed by a force called the Templars. Normally that wouldn’t happen today as everybody has a right of speech and opinion and people would not let themselves get oppressed. Everything is gloomy in the beginning when Altair arrives at the castle. ” The rugged snowcapped mountains fenced in the castle” (Oliver, 1)Everything is dark and damp and he gets ambushed by Templars.


The setting in Assassin’s Creed plays an important role throughout the entirety of the book from jumping on buildings to fighting political wars. The setting of Assassins Creed either restrains the character or sets him free