The JianBong’s JianBing

On Oneday I decided to do the option of JianBing. Our plan for OneDay is to make a video on how to make the JianBing, I decided to do this because it could turn out to be a cool and informational video to not only show others our journey but also how to make JianBing in their own home.



The trip to the restaurant was fun and short and excitement was in the air. We arrivedĀ just as the lady that was going to teach us trove in with her Tuk-Tuk. We went inside the restaurant and saw rows upon rows of dead and featherless ducks hanging from hooks. We went to the back of the restaurant and set up our camera equipment and prepared for the lady to come in and show us how to make JianBing. Throughout the time that we spent at the restaurant we learned how to make JianBing and we also ate JianBing. OneDay is important because it helps us find a passion that we don’t know that we might have had an interest in. Some of the challenges that we faced throughout the entire day were one, to get a good camera angle and good photos in order to make a good video for people to watch. Second, was the process of actually making the JianBing, the hardest part of it all was actually spreading out the batter at the very beginning and then flipping it over once you finished the side.