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One day

The art-piece we will be creating for one day is a sketching of two hands with the use of colored pencils. One hand is above the other and connected by a strand of fabric. The ring on the upper hand symbolized wealth and status. Meanwhile, the bandages on the lower-hand signify the poor and weak. The contrast is just like the inevitable gap between the rich and the poor. However, the fabric represents the feeble connection between them. But this connection is only associated with the manipulation of the rich on the poor.

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Pale Blue Dot CER

I found the pale blued dot more humbling and awe-inspiring because it made me realize the insignificance of the earth compared with the vast cosmic arena and how we should value and preserve this only dot we call home.

In 1990, NASA’s Voyager 1 spacecraft captured an image of the earth from a record distance of 2.7 billion miles.

Even though we believe that earth is a huge world where the whole history of humanity has taken place, this image taken by Voyager 1 proved that earth is just a tiny pale blue dot compared with the vast universe. This challenges our thoughts on our self-importance and privileged position in the universe. Even if we often focus on things in front of us and ignore things beyond, we have finally realized the triviality of us through this photograph. Moreover, this makes us realize how precious our earth is by showing that this dot is all the world we have. The war and hatred of our species led to damage to our planet. We have fought and shed blood just to conquer a fraction of this pale blue dot. Therefore, our world is the only place in the near future that could harbor our life so we should value and sustain it. In conclusion, I found the Pale blue Dot video more humbling because this distant image of our tiny world challenged our view on ourselves and made us cherish this pale blue dot.