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Forge through the American Revolution


No one can give you freedom, you must SEIZE EVERY OPPORTUNITY andrTETREIVE it with your own hands by Joyce Jiang

The graphic organizer I created above supports the theme of Forge using evidence and reasoning. In Forge by Laurie Halse Anderson, Curzon and Isabelle were runaway slaves that tried to forge their own paths in the middle of the American revolution. When Curzon enlisted in the continental army and experienced desperate situations at Valley Forge, he developed from a boy to a young man. In the end, Isabelle and Curzon sorted out the knots in their friendship and escaped from their evil master.

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American Re-evolution or a 360-degree Turn

For a long time, I was a just bystander too timid to be involved with any conflict. They once called me many names: Alden, farmer, young man, or a coward. But now, I am known as a glorious continental soldier fighting for America’s freedom and independence. As you read my journal, you will see the war from my eyes while vividly experiencing the tumultuous events and key turning points of the American revolution.

As a result of the American revolution, unprecedented changes have occurred along with things that stayed the same. For example, it was unfortunate that slaves were not equal as others while Native Americans still have no rights. Unfortunately, Women cannot vote or own property. They were still considered the property of their fathers. Therefore, after the revolution, society is still ruled by elite white males like my friend Gideon. I had I feeling that this constricted with our core idea of freedom and equality. However, it was different from before that the British Despot was not controlling America anymore!  There was religious freedom where anyone could believe in what they wanted to. Meanwhile, the constitution was created and opened voting to more people. This revolutionary Idea that no American is better than another and birth does not decide status had spread acrosses our blesses homeland. I hope this idea would eventually influence the world.


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How can you ensure your information is reliable when researching health-related topics on the internet?



You can ensure your information is reliable when researching health-related topics by putting it through the CRAP test.


Paste URL:
Currency: The timeliness of the information.
 When was the information published or posted? 2016


Relevance: The usefulness of the information
 Who is the intended audience?  Is the language formal or informal?  Is it for teenagers or adults? professionals



Does the language or tone seem unbiased? yes
Authority: The source of the information.
 Who is the author/publisher?  Does the URL reveal anything about the author or source? (.com, .edu, .gov?) Gov

J Acad Nutr Diet. Author manuscript; available in PMC 2017 Sep 1.


 Is there contact information?  Is there an “About Us” page? yes
Purpose: The reason the information exists.
 Is the purpose to inform, sell, entertain or persuade? inform
 Is the information fact, opinion or propaganda? fact-based
VERDICT? Unreliable Somewhat Unreliable Somewhat Reliable Reliable



If we just see the publisher, source, and the reason the information exists, we would think this is a reliable source. However, using the CRAP method we will also examine the usefulness of the information too. This source used hard language and ideas that are for professionals with is not as useful to teens and normal people. Therefore, this source is actually a somewhat unreliable source because of the usefulness. In conclusion, we could determine correctly out reliable a source is by putting it through the CRAP test.

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The American Dance : Indepen-dance

This video explains the key turning points and events of the American revolution. From the French Indian war to the series of Acts and the Boston Massacre, American colonists were angered by the Parliament and desperately longed for freedom as a country. Therefore, the bloody battles between Britain and America broke off. Meanwhile, the declaration of independence passed the continental congress and proclaimed their decision of liberty to the world. During this period, Washington crossing the Delaware River was a surprise attack that brought a great turn in the war for colonists. In the end, the British surrendered in Yorktown and a peace treaty was finally signed in Paris on 1783 September 3. Portraying these fascinating events using simple graphics and explanations, our video would take you through the American revolution and analyze the changes and continuities resulted from the revolution.