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American Re-evolution or a 360-degree Turn

For a long time, I was a just bystander too timid to be involved with any conflict. They once called me many names: Alden, farmer, young man, or a coward. But now, I am known as a glorious continental soldier fighting for America’s freedom and independence. As you read my journal, you will see the war from my eyes while vividly experiencing the tumultuous events and key turning points of the American revolution.

As a result of the American revolution, unprecedented changes have occurred along with things that stayed the same. For example, it was unfortunate that slaves were not equal as others while Native Americans still have no rights. Unfortunately, Women cannot vote or own property. They were still considered the property of their fathers. Therefore, after the revolution, society is still ruled by elite white males like my friend Gideon. I had I feeling that this constricted with our core idea of freedom and equality. However, it was different from before that the British Despot was not controlling America anymore!  There was religious freedom where anyone could believe in what they wanted to. Meanwhile, the constitution was created and opened voting to more people. This revolutionary Idea that no American is better than another and birth does not decide status had spread acrosses our blesses homeland. I hope this idea would eventually influence the world.


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