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Forge through the American Revolution


No one can give you freedom, you must SEIZE EVERY OPPORTUNITY andrTETREIVE it with your own hands by Joyce Jiang

The graphic organizer I created above supports the theme of Forge using evidence and reasoning. In Forge by Laurie Halse Anderson, Curzon and Isabelle were runaway slaves that tried to forge their own paths in the middle of the American revolution. When Curzon enlisted in the continental army and experienced desperate situations at Valley Forge, he developed from a boy to a young man. In the end, Isabelle and Curzon sorted out the knots in their friendship and escaped from their evil master.

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  1. I like how you always connect the quotes to the theme statement. It is very clear of why the quotes support your claim, your thesis statement. For example, you have stated “He started not to rely on others but plan strategies on his own to escape with Isabelle”. This clearly refers to the theme of “No one should give you freedom”. I also have read a book on the American Revolution and there is a clear connection between the two books. While both books strive for freedom of the main character, Give Me Liberty states that music could help to obtain freedom and Forge states that freedom should be obtained independently. Why do you think that your author stressed the idea of independence? Why is there a difference between the opinion of Anderson and L.M. Elliot (Give Me Liberty’s author)?

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