"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious" - Albert Einstein

Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night time

I have read the book called Curious incident of the Dog in the Nighttime until chapter 173. It looks longbut it isn’t. The chapters in this book are all prime numbers. Chapter 1 in normal books is chapter 2 in this book, and chapter 2 is chapter 3, and chapter 3 is chapter 5. This is because 1 and 4 are not prime numbers, so they are skipped. Christopher, the main character of this book, loves dogs, and the dog that lived next door is killed during the nighttime. He acts as if he were a detective like Sherlock Holmes and starts to investigate. He goes to the neighbors’ house and asks them questions to find out who killed the dog. While doing that, he finds out that his mother is not dead. He is with Mr. Shears in London, who used to live next door with Mrs. Shears, the dog’s owner.  Thenhe notices that his mother and Mr. Shears are cheating. So far, that’s what I’ve read. After I read this book, I felt that I am fortunate. Even though Christopher is suffering from autism, he keeps positive mind and communicates with other people to solve his problem. When I had a problem, I complained about my situation and did not even try to solve my problem. From now on, I will try everything to solve my problem and help other people’s problems 







The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian

So far, I have read about 30 pages. It was basically about explaining the main character, like his home environment, social status, and financial problems. His family is really poor and weak. He sometimes couldn’t eat for 18 hours. But He always keeps a positive mind. He said, “being hungry makes food taste better.” He does not complain about his poorness. He always tries to stay humorous. There is something sadder about his life. He was born with too much cerebral spinal fluid in his skull, which means he was born with water on the brain. If I were him, I would hate myself and blame my parents for being poor. Even though I am in a really comfortable family, I am sometimes not satisfied with my life. I always want to buy and eat something even though I have those things. Reading this first 30 pages of the book, I looked back on my previous years and decided to thank my parents and my life. My prediction about the rest of the novel is that maybe their parents because so poor, and they might lose their house and things. But he will stay positive and get over it.

My invention to make my partner’s food delicious.

In Product Design class, we have to make an invention that can solve partner’s problem with food. My parter is Leon and he has a problem with instant noodle. He thinks that if instant noodle is too hot, It is going to ruin is noodle. So I made an invention called thermostable vessel.

This is the first design. THere is a space that cup noodle can go inside and there is a empty space between the cupnoodle and the bottom bowl. So you can put either cooler or firewood to adjust temperature.


My biggest obstacle was how should I cool or heat the cup noodle.

Also I thought about what material should I choose for the bowl. I chose Nickel bowl that has a high thermal conductivity.

One thing I’d like to change is firewood because it is really inconvenient to use firewood every time.

The impact of this product will be little inconvenient but useful and effective for the people who is really sensitive to temperature.

Overall, I think this product will be successful because that wouldn’t cost a lot so people might buy that because they are curious about it.

PE and Health Assessment

A) Describe how you feel and act when your mental health is thriving in the Green Zone. (Don’t just say ‘normal’ – what does that look like? What does it feel like?)

I feel happy and I will act really actively.

B) What are some tech habits and strategies that are keeping you thriving in the Green Zone? Describe them in detail. Also include people who help you with this. How else does using technology have a positive effect on your well-being?

I don’t use them before I go to sleep because it makes me have a bad sleep.

C) Think about your tech use and habits (social media and/or gaming and/or E-learning). What are the triggers/challenges that take you out of thriving in the Green Zone and into the unsettled/struggling feelings of the Yellow/Orange Zones? Use what you know about the brain, sleep and the effects of tech on mental health as you answer this question.

Addiction is the most biggeest problem when using technologies. we want to watch youtube and netflix and things like that. and we want to see those things again and again. We sometimes feel nervous if we don’t have smartphone with us. I think that is the most unsettled feelings.

D) Describe how you feel and act when you are unsettled or struggling in the Yellow/Orange Zones.

I will be anxious and nervous.

E) What are some strategies that you have used to help you get back to the Green Zone? Describe a time when you have used it. Or, if you currently don’t have any strategies, think about the Mindfulness strategies from the previous post. Describe a time when you could have used one of those strategies or habits and how it would have made you feel. Also include people who could help you with this.

I make a promise with my parents like I will watch youtube for 30 minutes. and I use iPhone’s screentime to see how much did I watch youtube and things like that.

We want new government.

People lived in France in 1780s, they were struggling with big financial issues. The government (King) decided to take more taxes from ordinary people. However, it was too much. So they got mad.

Below is my character’s journal lived in the 1780s, 30 years old.

Photo Citation



A Great Change

Image result for declaration of the rights of man

This picture is about the Declaration of the rights of the man. Everything has changed when this was published. Before this was published, France tried to destroy the imbalance of the social estates and tried to acquire their basic rights. They fought against king and government. Finally, they took a victory and they Wrote this Document. This was the MOST Important part of FRENCH REVOLUTION.

photo citation:

The picture on the top: https://alphahistory.com/frenchrevolution/declaration-rights-of-man-and-citizen/

Pictures in the Powerpoint:





Hero or Villain?

Jun Russian revolution video diary

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