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English 9 Humor Reflective Blog Post

Throughout this unit, I have learned many things about writing humor in drama and poetry. For example, I learned that an unexpected change in tone or a hyperbolic statement can be humorous, as seen in the poem The Horrid Voice of Science, where the last stanza is of the speaker wishing death upon people who view the world scientifically. I also learned that humor can be implemented through techniques such as repetition, as seen in the play A Talk in The Park, where the main joke is repeated around 10 times. Alternatively, humor can also be implemented through satire or parody, as seen in the poem Why We Oppose Pockets For Women, wherein the author satirizes sexist individuals and makes their arguments seem like the mindless complaining of children. However, I feel that I didn’t learn quite enough about how humor is implemented within plays, as I felt that most of Alan Ayckbourn’s plays did not focus on humor enough for an in-depth analysis of it.  Regarding the SMART goal I set for myself at the beginning of the unit, I feel that I haven’t reached it, as the unit didn’t focus on themes and metaphors as much as I thought they would. The problem was that I did not know what to expect from the Humor unit, so I couldn’t set an appropriate goal related to the unit. Regarding the SAL, I feel that I have failed in many categories, as I was very unorganized and struggled to keep up with deadlines throughout the unit. In the future, I hope to fix my issues with responsibility and be more active in my learning.

IDU Reflective Blog Post

For the collaborative team member self-assessment, I rated myself as a satisfactory team member. I feel that I played more of a supportive role in the group, as opposed to a leadership role, as I would tend to add on to ideas more than I would come up with them. This is evident in the fact that the majority of my contributions to our presentation script were grammar and language-usage fixes, instead of original ideas. While I do not know how I could improve my ability to contribute original ideas, I feel that more actively participating in discussion could help. The norms of collaboration are respect, participation, and problem-solving. It is of my opinion that all of the norms share equal importance in a group, as the understatement of any one of them could cause dysfunction amongst the group members. For example, throughout the project, our group struggled with respect. Group members would frequently break into intense arguments, derailing the focus of the project and decreasing the efficiency of the group. As a result, we missed several deadlines and had to work extra hard during the final days of the unit. However, what the group lacked in respect was made up for in participation, as the times that we did manage to work respectfully, were very productive and the discussions were meaningful. Although collaboration can be difficult due to the mismanagement of emotions and a lack of responsibility within team members, it can result in more diverse and imaginative work. This is why it is important to be able to understand your individual strengths and flaws in order to improve on them and better collaborate with people.

Graphic Design: Create & Improve

For my final project, I designed my own energy drink bottle. Initially, I had the idea of targetting the gym community, as it’s where most energy drinks are focused. However, I found it hard to connect with the audience, so instead, I targetted video gamers, a demographic that I understood. I started by drawing a basic logo, which I thought best captured the mystery and appeal of popular MMORPGs like World of Warcraft. After that, I experimented with the color and gradient of the shape, as I saw that most visually appealing drinks had attractive color palettes. However, I struggled with finding a name for my product, so I got some feedback from my peers and decided to include the image of lightning, which has the connotation of energy. I came up with the name Quark, which are subatomic particles carrying a fractional electric charge, and added a lightning bolt behind my logo. Then, I found mockups of soda cans and exported my design to it. For this, I had to learn some rudimentary photoshop skills as I had no previous experience with it.

In conclusion, this is the culmination of weeks of learning and experimenting.


Graphic Design Void Edrink copy 1


Graphic Design 9: Develop & Plan

After my first blog post, I’ve changed my idea slightly. My original plan of targetting gymnasts didn’t stick because I struggled to connect to my target audience, so I have changed my audience to people who enjoy video games. To effectively target my audience, I researched popular designs for “gamer” energy drinks and found that one of the most drinks was Monster. At first, I created a design that was very focused on capturing the image of video games. But after receiving feedback from my peers and Mr. Griffin, I decided to take a closer look at existing designs and figure out what makes them attractive to people. This lead me to the understanding that symbols create different images for the consumer and provoke unique feelings. For example, the lightning, a symbol incredibly prevalent on energy drinks, symbolizes energy, and power. My plan for the next stage is to incorporate symbols into my design that effectively conveys the intended connotation of my product, while also retaining my theme of video game culture.

Define & Inquire: Energy Drink Design

My project will be the design of an energy drink container. This design would be beneficial to energy drink businesses. My target audience is the high school male who works out. After doing substantial research on other designs, I have concluded that energy drinks typically use bold colors, thick fonts, chunky text, and interesting facts to draw in the target audience. I will most likely create this design in illustrator and photoshop, but I don’t know the applications well enough, so I will have to learn them. I will also need to learn more about the effects of colors on people, to better target my audience. Here is my DesignBrief

Elaborating on the distinctions of energy drinks, from the designs that I have seen, the designers tend to use a lot of black to contrast with the brighter colors. This design choice makes the drink look sleeker and make the product stand out more from other drinks. Another common feature of energy drinks is the lightning symbol. Lightning is commonly associated with power and energy, so this imagery makes sense. It would benefit me to incorporate some of these things into my design.

Below is my Padlet and user persona:

Made with Padlet



Kamsen You: Drawing Folio

Drawing Folio

Graphic Design Logo Project

In this project, we designed a logo for a coffee shop called Jeff’s. We brainstormed in our notebooks first, then recreated our ideas in adobe illustrator as a vector. Below is my design process as an image.


Designer Persona

This is a stylized persona that introduces my hobbies and interests. The color scheme was derived from the traditional yellow and black batman. The most valuable piece of feedback I got was about changing my text font and size. It helped shape the style of the piece.


Pencil Sketch

For this ignite week, I will be leveling up my art skill by learning all kinds of art techniques, such as drawing straight lines and shading. I chose this project because I realized how interesting art was, after my capstone project where I made an animation. hope I am able to draw a realistic person by the end of the week. However, I think it may be difficult because most people take years to master the ability to draw realistically because it is a very skillful task that you need a lot of practice with. I am most worried about drawing body parts with irregular shapes, such as the ear, because it is quite hard to get the proportions right.

The Problem with Ethanol-Capstone 2019

One thing I found really surprising was that often times, there is no real way to create beneficial change. This made me understand why there are so many seemingly easy problems in the world that have not been solved. For example, during my research for my capstone project on ethanol fuel as an alternative to fossil fuels, I realized that there is no simple way to change ethanol use, as it is basically out of my control. Furthermore, even if I could change it, I wouldn’t know whether to increase it or decrease it, because, on one hand, it cuts fuel emission, but on the other hand, it creates more pollution for forests and oceans. In the end, I decided that ethanol was not a superior alternative to ethanol, so I informed people of the negative aspects of ethanol and encouraged people to spread the word, in my video and my essay. I also connected the issue locally to inspire action from my audience of Chinese residents. My goal was to clear up the misconceptions on biofuel that most people including me had, and I believe I have succeeded in that.


Phase 1 of the project, I researched the effects of ethanol and wrote a survey. I conducted the survey in hutongs and surveyed 8 people in total. This was not enough to use as a reliable source, so I didn’t use it in anything.


Phase 2 of the project, I used the research previously conducted to write my essay, The Major Misconceptions on Ethanol Fuel. The essay went through many iterations, and I needed a lot of help with explaining my evidence and evaluating my sources to use correct and important evidence. I feel I did not do my best on the essay and was often too lazy to work on it.


Phase 3 of the project was the creation of the video below. I decided to do animation because I felt it would be easy to express ideas through comical expression, however, it did take me a long time to finish as I didn’t have much experience with drawing and I wanted it to be close to perfect. I did not add music because it felt out of place with my voiceover.

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