Scene Design Challenge

  When creating my scene design, my task was to create a set to capture selenophobia (fear of the moon). My vision was that a group of campers was settling down on the top of a mountain, but the moon starts to move and gradually moves closer to the earth. In a lot of tv […]

Sculptures and Pop Art

How did your group pick the final idea?┬áMy partner liked my initial sketch of a person having their head tilted downwards and staring at their phone. She suggested we continue with my idea and we both had a mutual agreement to do so. Together, we implemented some new changes to the sketch but decided on […]

Money Problems

First, I sketched out my girl on a large piece of drawing paper with a pencil Then, I used acrylic paint to paint the girl Next, I used scissors and cut the girl out Then, I painted some newspapers with watercolor in the colors of pink and teal. I also made a “$$$” painting using […]