The Pale Blue Dot

Claim: The Pale Blue Dot is more inspiring and humbling than the Hubble Deep Field.

Evidence: NASA’s Voyager 1 spacecraft captured an image of Earth from a record distance of 3.7 billion miles. 

Reasoning: In the Pale Blue Dot, it shows a perspective of Earth billions of miles away through space. The narrator shows us how every family, religion, ideology, creator, destroyer, explorer, etc. can exist on something so tiny. It helps us visualise the size of Earth compared to the vast universe, and how Earth is just a small speck of dust in a vast cosmic arena. The Pale Blue Dot is also very inspiring because it shows us the value Earth holds despite its size. This little speck of dust, is the only world known so far to harbour life and it is currently where we make our stand. We have the ability to visit other worlds, but for now, Earth is the only inhabitable world for our species. In conclusion, the Pale Blue Dot is more inspiring than the Hubble Deep Field because it shows us the significance of our home and its irrelevance to its size. 

Photo Citation:

Fernand, Jeremy. “The Pale Blue Dot.” Random Ramblings, 22 Oct. 2015,

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