This year for One Day, I made a shelving unit to fill the empty space in my room. This project let me experience using many new tools such as a compound miter saw (chop saw).

Some challenges I faced during the creating process was the size and shape of my shelving unit. As I continued to work, I made some changes. I realised a 22.5ยบ angle was incorrect and that instead of having six sides per shape, each shelf ended up having eight sides instead. My measurements were also too big, so I reduced the length of each piece of wood from 21 cm in length, to 15 cm. There were some problems with the design along the way, but in the end, they were fixed and the design was improved.

Some successes of my project were using the compound miter saw. I learned how to match up the laser to my pencil marks, how to adjust the angles, etc. The shelf ended being pretty sturdy and held itself up.

Next time, if I did something differently, I would cut my wood pieces for the first shape and check if it worked, and then make the rest of the pieces. When I was cutting my pieces, I didn’t realise that the angles were wrong and I cut all 20 pieces. Because of that, I had to re-cut all my pieces to a reduced length.

Here are some pictures of my process:

Cutting wood pieces

Laying out one shape

Gluing all pieces together

Gluing all three shapes together and then clamping them

Final product


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