English 9 humor

During this unit, I have learned a lot of ways to analyze poems and create humorous effects with different techniques. An example will be the poem My Mother Wants to Know if I’m Dead, the writer creates humor by using irony, imagery and an aggressive tone.

However, there are also challenges during this unit, like the vocabulary words, a deeper understanding of a poem and the exact feeling of audience. It can be really challenging to fully understand how the writer is describing something different from your thinking.

Something I did well is accepting the challenges I faced and trying my best to complete it. I listen to feedbacks I received and try to fix the parts I didn’t do so well.

My goal for English 10 is to remember more vocabulary, write a longer paragraph and manage my time wisely. Sometimes I have too many works due at the same time, causing me to hand in work a few minutes before the deadline. I will improve the way I manage my time, and not to write them few hours before it’s due.