Bane of undertoast (No sugar week)

For anyone that doesn’t know, no sugar week is just a week without sugar. ISB students and possibly their family will stop eating foods with high sugar. For those families who buys healthy foods and uses a healthy cooking method, it’s simple. Just go on like usual. But for the ones that buy foods with high fat, sodium, sugar and oils would stop their usual meals and change. Anyways, I told my mom about this and she always sends me healthy lunches with a wide variety of vegetables. She also never allowed me to eat any candy during this week. ¬† And basically that’s all.

The 3 things that we need to do the same of differently are less sugar, less fats and less oils. Also we need to make sure we are using a good cooking method. We also, finally, need to make sure not to trust random strange foods. Inside families, ¬†supposedly people had to stop eating certain foods and get quite grumpy. In school, kids will probably sneak in sugary foods if not served properly. Now we need to make sure we have a nice diet. We need a decent amount of glucose and low sugar, fat, sodium and fat. Basically that’s all.

Over all, the no sugar week is a quite helpful week of no sugar. Just keep happy and you’ll be fine!

Pictures of my foods