Leo’s Choose your own adventure game(CYOA)

I was alone working on this project. The original plan was to make your daily D&D RPG game, but I decided to change it a bit and made an Undertale disbelief route, only this time, all the characters switch roles. Simply put, this is a rip off from Underswap, which I didn’t know that this existed until a friend of mine told me. Anyways, my greatest challenge is the fact that I had a time limit to do so much stuff. It always shocks me at first how a guy does so much stuff in a short amount of time, but I managed to do this in around 12 hours in total. In the 12 hours that I worked on this project, my greatest successes were thinking of the idea, completing the idea, and finalising it. These may not seem like big successes, but to me, it’s one of the few big successes of my life. The things that I learned throughout this project is that it’s as easy as you think it is to make a game, whether it is digital or board or D&D, it’s all hard. And my future steps, AKA what I could’ve done to improve this, is to make it more detailed than before. Here’s a rough draft of what I did.

(The photos may be terrible, but I tried ok?)