This is the magazine poster I created for a story called A Midsummer’s Night. It mainly stars the character Hermia, but it also features Lysander, Egeus, Thesus, Helena and Demetrius. On the left side, there are images featuring DYI guides and fun little games, as a magazine would include so that the reader will not get bored.

Rising action and climax of “Throne of Fire

Leo Wu




Rising Action: Prompt 1: Connect with the protagonist.


1.Connect with the protagonist. Write a text-to-self responsein which you compare yourself to the protagonist. Show understanding of character development–what it means to be a dynamic or “round”character–by identifying a passage or two that mark changes in the character. Support your words by including MLA formatted quotes from the text. Then compare yourself to the protagonist using specific examples from your own life.

The male protagonist in the book Throne of Fireis called Carter. He is a boy who has lived a nomadic life for 13 years. He is also an expert at translating hieroglyphics and Egyptian history. His family has been torn apart as his maternal side of the family demands that both children go with them, while the father attempts to hold the family together after the mother’s death. Soon, the father gets taken by an Egyptian god and the two children are left to fend for themselves in a world where even other magicians try to kill them.

I, however, am a 13 year old boy who has been living a stable and non-nomadic life. I am okay at translating Chinese and not so good with history. My family may not be torn apart, but everyone argues every day, so technically my family is torn apart. My dad is getting warped deeper and deeper into his dimension of work, while my mother is slowly dying from working too much, since she has all sorts of body problems. They, however, are still arguing with each other day and night, while my grandparents don’t even know anything about the conflicts we have. I, on the other hand, am just trying to maintain my calmness in our family.

Over all, I would say Carter and I are somewhat similar. We all have family problems and have to solve our own problems, but his problems are far greater than mine and his family problems are more dire than mine. He also quite fast in thinking situations, while I take my time to decide what to do. We are indeed quite similar, and quite different.