Do the Boxers deserve a bad rap?

During the boxer rebellion, the boxers were killing foreigners at a wide scale. They also burned down catholic churches and killed Chinese christians, all while yelling “Kill the foreigners! Kill the Devils! Kill!”. They not only killed people just because they were trying to spread their religion, but also killed the people who accepted Christ. In conclusion, the boxers do indeed deserve a bad reputation (at least for the short run) and should all be punished for killing so many innocents and good people.



My New Avatar

My new avatar represents me well because I am a very chill person, so the sunglasses would represent me well due to how they symbolise the word “Chill” and “Relaxed”. My avatar holds a shield and a baseball bat since I wouldn’t prefer to offensively harm someone unless they do something to aggravate me. My character is grinning since even though I look sad, depressed and tired on the outside, I am actually pretty happy and positive on the inside, and I just don’t really like showing positivity to others ,for some strange reason.The website I used was this (




Quick description: Our fox is the best we could do with the materials we have. Despite the fact that it’s face looks scary and it’s fur is darker on the head and it’s eyes are too small, we did our best and this was what we ended up with.


3 Thoughts:

The biggest obstacle me and my partner had was definitely the time. Even thought it appeared like we had months to work on this, we only had a few classes to work on this project. The time period was around 2 months, but the only thing

One piece of advice i would give to a future student doing this is that you really need to look at the classes you have to do this rather than the total amount of days you got to complete it. You have one design tech class every four days, and each class is around 1 hour and 30 minutes, so we have a total of around 12-18 hours for this project. You and your partner must plan things out to the best of your ability to get the most amount of work done.

One skill that I learned from this project is definitely how to manage my time. Before I worked on this project, it is almost impossible for me to get a big project done in the time we have. Now, I figured out what to do and how to fit in the most important things first.

Task #6 for “Plague”

Leo Wu




The task for #6 was to create an original piece of music for the book as well as write lyrics. My original plan was to use the song “We Will Rock You”‘s music background, but realised that the music I used now was more appropriate for the piece (even though I now have a much more appropriate music for the work. The book takes place in a world where the government have abandoned people with unique powers. They are trapped under a huge dome by the government and hope that one day that the dome will raise. However, the sickness that made them the superhuman that they are have been slowly killing them over time. For example, at the start of the story, there was a girl who started coughing “slimy things”, and as the story says from the point of view of the girl’s sister, “She was coughing up slimy things. A piece landed on my shoulder as I went to touch it. “Ew!” It was a piece of her lungs”. According to this, we can assume that the sickness is starting to kill them from the insides. ¬†From another character’s view, the story said “I saw a light in the sky, then I saw where it was coming from. Sam was trying to burn his way out of the dome!” From this sentence, we can figure out that there are actually some people who really want to leave the dome and meet others out there. According to another character in the book, “I could smell the scent of french fries on the other side of the dome.”, yet despite their desires, only a few of them tried to escape