American Revolution Historical Fiction

A wife breaks up with a husband. A cook is beat nearly to death over a pot of shrimp. A man signs in the military in an attempt to change his life. Join Noah Boucher in his 3 chapter journey that is poorly written by me. The first chapter introduces Noah Boucher, the main character. The second introduces his army life and the third introduces him at the end of the war and how he changed. Find out specifics only in this story “American Revolution: War ain’t no joke”




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Theme of “Forge”

In the book “Forge”, a historical fiction novel that tells the tale of a black american soldier, the supposed theme is that soldiers need a balance of emotions to stay as they were before the wars. The three emotions represented by people are friendship (Enzo), love (Isabelle), and hatred (John Burns).

Isabelle was the first character that appears in the book besides our character Curzon. Curzon also claims that they lived together for a long time and had a brother-sister relationship, but he wanted to be “more than brother and sister”, suggesting that he loves Isabelle. However, Isabelle runs away and was found years later when Curzon joins the army at Enzo’s hand. Isabelle, however, appears repeatedly in the book in Curzon’s memories even after she left, and Curzon admits he cannot stop thinking about her.

Enzo is Curzon’s first friend in the army, as Curzon saved Enzo from being shot by a redcoat. Curzon’s guardian and uncle, sergeant wood, appreciates Curzon’s efforts and allows Curzon under his command. However, sergeant wood would die from an axe wound later in the story, and Enzo’s character completely changes as what was potentially his future rank was taken by John Burns. However, even with this mood change, Enzo remains loyal to Curzon and saved Curzon from Burns more than once.

After joining the army, Curzon runs into John Burns. Although John Burns was not described much, we can conclude he has a problem with everyone. Nobody really knows why and the author gives us no hints, really, but what we can conclude from this is that John Burns represents hatred. John Burns can represent hatred from the point of view of many characters. For Curzon, John Burns would pick on him even after he became Sergeant Burns. For Enzo, John Burns stole his title as Sergeant, and made him permanently a private. Many other characters would also be mistreated by Burns, and we would no longer hear from Burns after Curzon finds Isabelle in the future.

Over all, the book “Forge” shows that soldiers need a mix of emotions to keep as they were. Friendship, love and hate each balances the other out as the soldier fights on for their nation. One tips the scale and the soldier may become a brute or find it difficult to fight for his/her nation.

All because of a simple tax

The American Revolution is one of the most well-known revolutions in the world. While it seemed great and glorious, provoked by injustice, the truth was that really, the Americans just got mad that Britain was making laws that made things cheaper and didn’t promote smuggling. The revolution was officially kicked off when the continental congress began building an army of soldiers, which the British sent soldiers to kill the american soldiers, however, the American soldiers hit back at Lexington, failed quite badly, and retreated to Concord for a larger force to fight the British. Long story short, this happened plenty more times and the British decided to surrender. This, however, shows that revolutions can begin simply because the revolters do not get what they truly want.