9th Grade English 9 Humor Stage 3

  • What did I learn about how writers use language to create a humorous effect?
  • What are some things that I would still like to learn more about with respect to this topic?   
  • Did I achieve the SMART goal I set for myself in this unit?  Why or why not?   
  • What was particularly challenging about this unit?   
  • What successes did I have? 
  • To what extent did I meet the Student as a Learner (SAL) criteria of “Responsibility” and “Attitude”? 
  • In what ways do I still need to grow with respect to these two SALs? 
  • What goals do I have for my learning in English 10?   

When I first began 1st grade, I learned that a writer uses humor to make their audience feel more connected with them. However, it was not until I reached 9th grade that I learned that a writer can use different language usages in order to amplify humorous effect. Techniques such as tone, irony, and hyperbole are the ones that I seem to find with relative ease, but I still would like to learn how to actually use these techniques to their prime.  I didn’t really achieve my smart goal, since my grades were not exactly the greatest I’ve gotten. Something that was particularly challenging for me in this unit was the Dialectical journals that we did, since I couldn’t pick out any phrases that I found comedic. However, the successes I made was getting my work done before the deadline, since I didn’t get anything done late. In the student as a learner criteria, I believe that I was satisfactory  in responsibility and attitude, since I tried to do my best and get the work in on time. I believe that I still need to ensure the quality of the work I hand in, however, since it wasn’t exactly the most high quality work I could’ve handed in and I probably could have been more thorough when reviewing the rubrics. For English 10, I wish to get Meeting grades more frequently, and to do so I will be following a study plan that my family  and I agreed to do over the summer so I could improve my grades, which mainly involves two hours of reading and one and a half hours of reviewing the 9th grade work I did every day. I also am currently reading the lord of the rings series, with the Hobbit, the prequels and the sequels. I plan on reading and analyzing these books over the course of the summer vacation.

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