5200 US Troops to the borders

Donald J Trump officially declared that he was going to send 5200 US soldiers to the US Mexico border in order to prevent any more illegal immigrants, which he considered an invasion, on the first day of November 2018. He planned out decent tents for the soldiers, as well as any extra tents the soldiers needed to continue guarding the borders effectively. By doing this, he claims that it is the only way to stop more Mexicans from illegally entering the US borders.


I feel that Donald J Trump sending 5200 US soldiers to the US Mexico border is not the correct decision. Firstly, he is expending the manpower of around $91,000,000 to prevent more Mexican immigrants from entering the US illegally and in an unsafe manner, or as Trump says, an invasion. Though this could solve the issue temporarily, Mexican immigrants may just find a way around the soldiers. Before these soldiers were sent, the Texas police force often had S.W.A.T members patrolling the perimeter, which was also very effective at first, but then Mexican immigrants just found ways to get around from the guards. Some managed to get in through sewers or other places connected to the US, but some also hid in cars with legally allowed Mexicans. Secondly, they need to provide rations to the men guarding the border, as well as maintaining the tent quality, which would cost around. Food rations would cost around 19.25 per day, and there are 5200 soldiers, so every day the US expends 100100 USD to keep their men up and functioning. The second reason is that a wall would cost much less than moving 5200 soldiers and keeping them there for god knows how long. A wall would cost around 30,954,724.41 to 82,545,931.76 if it was a pure concrete wall. Although the cost seems a lot at first, this is much better than sending soldiers to the Mexican border. In a year, the US uses 36,536,500 to keep their soldiers going, no water expenses covered or electric bills covered. A wall, on the other hand, simply stays there and does not need further attendance unless part of it breaks.


In conclusion, this is why sending a force between the size of a brigade to the size of a division is not a pleasant idea. It is a waste of money, waste of the soldier’s time, and the issue would still carry on in the future. The question remains: Does this truly solve this issue, and would sending soldiers be the best method to counter illegal Mexican Immigrants?





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Task #6 for “Plague”

Leo Wu






The task for #6 was to create an original piece of music for the book as well as write lyrics. My original plan was to use the song “We Will Rock You”‘s music background, but realised that the music I used now was more appropriate for the piece (even though I now have a much more appropriate music for the work. The book takes place in a world where the government have abandoned people with unique powers. They are trapped under a huge dome by the government and hope that one day that the dome will raise. However, the sickness that made them the superhuman that they are have been slowly killing them over time. For example, at the start of the story, there was a girl who started coughing “slimy things”, and as the story says from the point of view of the girl’s sister, “She was coughing up slimy things. A piece landed on my shoulder as I went to touch it. “Ew!” It was a piece of her lungs”. According to this, we can assume that the sickness is starting to kill them from the insides.  From another character’s view, the story said “I saw a light in the sky, then I saw where it was coming from. Sam was trying to burn his way out of the dome!” From this sentence, we can figure out that there are actually some people who really want to leave the dome and meet others out there. According to another character in the book, “I could smell the scent of french fries on the other side of the dome.”, yet despite their desires, only a few of them tried to escape


Academic goal: I will do my homework to the best of my ability

I will actively work towards this goal by staying on task, working to maximum efficiency and always check DX every day no matter what.

Wellness goal: I will strive to balance my life

I will actively work towards this goal by making sure my parents aren’t the bosses of my entire life

Personal goal: I will lose weight

I will actively work towards this goal by exercising more and eating less.

Found poem

“The Monkey’s Paw”

Leo Wu


Mr. Carter



This found poem was created with the words of William W. Jacobs from the story “The Monkey’s Paw.” My found poem uses words from page 2 of the story. I chose the background because one, it is one of the many covers for the book the monkey’s paw, and two, it adds to the gothic mystery. I the chose the words so that it sums up the theme of the story, or man versus supernatural. On the third page, It says :“The first man had his three wishes, yes. I don’t know what the first two were but the third was for death.” This means the first man that had wished for things from the monkey’s paw must’ve seen or heard of something so terrible it made him ask for death, and to not only make this sound like a coincidence, on page 3, Mr. White wished for two hundred pounds and at the same time, their son saw a monkey’s face in the fire and decided to say nothing about it. Though the Whites eventually got the two hundred pounds, but the next day, a man Maw and Meggins sent said that their son was hurt but not in any pain. He said :”He was trapped in the machinery “, which after a while, he says :“I have to tell you that Maw and Meggins do not hold themselves responsible for what has happened, but in consideration of your son’s services they wish to give you a certain amount of money as compensation” Then the Whites received the money they wished for. This proves that the monkey’s paw will always take something away from you for every one of your wishes, or you’ll lose something for every one thing you gain.