Student Led Conference (SLC)

L21 Skills:

Over the years, students were introduced to the L21 skills, which was great development skills that could help one develop into good citizens in the future. The skills include Innovation & CreativityCommunication & CollaborationInquiry, Critical thinking & Problem solving, Leadership & Responsibility, and Global thinking. Throughout the year, students were given many chances to develop these skills in projects, homework or other graded performances, and today, you will learn about what I did as a student throughout the year.


Innovation & Creativity

For this skill, I chose to include two projects. One of them is in class, and the other is something I do with my friends.

Below here, I included an image of our (Demonic) fox robot. In general, the fox turned out kind of a physical failure, but what happened after that was me and my partner (Degan) were able to test our time management, work efficiency and problem solving. Many of the problems we encountered were like the color the fox, the eyes and the snout. The gears inside were actually okay and we weren’t worried. We were, however, worried about the physical appearance of the fox. It was greatly discolored, it looked terrible, its snout doesn’t exist, and the eyes do not fit the face. However, it was good evidence that we tried, as even though we were (probably) a disgrace to the class, we learned plenty of things (i.e coding, construction)

(Sorry the picture is sideways)


My Russian revolution

For the Russian revolution project, we were to write a historical fiction novel on what we learned about the Russian revolution. I got a decent grade for this one, and I  got this good grade mainly from my creativity. I also spent plenty of time finding exact details and names for characters in the story (i.e main character is Dima, a friend is Ivan, all pretty Russian names) and I also did extra research to find out the exact street that bloody Sunday occurred on.


Communication & Collaboration


This video was the video me and my American Revolution group. We firstly made the cutouts (the ending will state who did what), and then we moved onto planning the video and taking the shots. Finally,after some rough decisions, my group decided to have me do the video making, but thankfully James.H sent his voice recording at 7:00 PM on a Sunday so that we would not have to record the voices during class.

I used my previous knowledge of the American revolution (thank you oversimplified and ExtraHistory) to make a description of the events that I was tasked with doing.


Inquiry, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving


In these videos, it shows one of my many music projects. I was to download a video and add music to the piece according to the scene. I however, was not allowed to use loops (I did not know that) and the teacher made me do the project again. Thankfully, I thought of a backup plan before starting just in case loops weren’t allowed (more than 3/4 of my project was loops, so I kind of had to do it that way), and I simply played all the songs I could think of  until I took every part of each song that sounded like a song for a space movie and played them with a different instrument. The process took me around 15 minutes for each different track, and there was around 10 tracks I had to replace.


The Science project I did on breast cancer is another example of my critical thinking skills. I had to improvise because I had to redo much of the work and