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HERO- Essay analyzing a scene

The film “Hero”, directed by Zhang Yimou released in 2002.The extract that I chose starts at 1:33:47 seconds, it is in the middle of the conversation between flying snow and broken sword. I chose to start at that exact moment because it is the starting point of their fight. Just before this, flying snow is asking broken sword if he convinced Nameless to not kill the king, then he says that he said three words to him, “all under Heaven”. Flying snow is mad but, that is where I start my analysis, broken sword asks her how he can convince her. First, I will be analyzing the purpose of the scene. Secondly, I will analyze the language and film techniques used in it to pass the purpose.


The purpose of the scene is to show the love between Broken sword and Flying snow.At 1:34:16, he tells her that when they first met, he had to “to prove myself to convince you” he wants her to be convinced by him and she should let this pass. She does not want to hear him or anything. They fight, but then he is dropping his sword and let flying snow’s sword to kill him, he abandoned the fight. In between the fight, we see the servant of broken sword, who is in love with him, on her horse going to see him. He doesn’t even know this because he is too in love with flying snow. This shows us even more that the flying snow and broken sword are lost in their feelings, they both have trouble expressing the true feeling they have for each other.


The language used is simple, the two characters are not talking a lot. This makes us feel more in a closed space between the two. It is a feeling of proximity between the two. The camera is filming the woman at the end of the scene, it was a close up. There are a lot of different sounds used diegetic and non-diegetic. The sad and tragic music used makes us feel even more sad for broken sword and flying snow. It creates a tragic atmosphere. We understand that there are not coming back. When we see the servant at one point, it creates a feeling of the scene accelerating, just like her, we fear what might happen. This is a subtle foreshadowing.


This scene is really powerful because it brings the two character some closure for their relationship. Their eternal love is starting with broken sword dying, flying snow is letting her real feelings out. She was really angry against broken sword, but her love is more powerful, and she regrets a lot killing him.

Rationale of the propaganda poster

My poster is promoting france, which is my country. For the background, I took the french Flag and for the main things i put some of my French friends on it. The white on the french flag represents nobility, the king. As for the blue and red, it represents the colors of the city of Paris. Royalty usually means power, and this complete flag reinforce my point.

I found this activity interesting but it was pretty hard to find a good topics and i am not feeling really satisfied with my final idea. I think i could have made it better and be more creative.


Reflection 1- 15th Sept 2021

Bandwagon, symbolism of Mao as a caring leader. A sort of Power radiating from the posters

The chinese people are represented

The member of other groups like Americans are represented sick, like enemies. Some others are allies, like North Korea.


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