The Value of Life

The idea for my multimedia post is partially from Edward Munch’s art. Jonas described his works as confused when he added extra lines with his palette knife. As he uses lines that does not typically blend into most of his works, I was inspired to do that. The messy lines on the page that isolates the words from the pictures is supposed to show loneliness as Lina is constantly separated from her loved ones, and her fear of further separations. My idea for this multimedia post is to focus on the value of human life and connections. At first, I focused on items that the Lithuanians in the labor camps might have traded to spy on their own labor groups. It is also about how Jonas was essentially “bought” with the pocket watch. As the Russians treated the Lithuanians like cattle, they removed all human attachments to them, and had prices for everything. The latter part of the poem focuses on Lina and her connections and how she was finally able to emphasize with Kretskey over the loss of their mothers. Human lives and the relationships that are formed between us should always remain priceless.


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