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English 9 Humor: Final Reflexive Blog Post

During this unit, I have achieved the SMART goal I set for myself. After analyzing poetry and drama, I have a deeper understanding of how to create a humorous tone by using different words. For example, in the poem My Mother Wants to Know if I’m Dead,  the writer uses “Dead” in the title instead of “Well” or “Okay”, which creates a humorous effect by using exaggeration. 

Finding out what makes me laugh in a poem or a drama challenged me a lot. It is hard to know what techniques did the writer use in their works. However, I can identify different techniques successfully after completing this unit. I found out that writers always use techniques such as exaggeration, sarcasm, and reputation to create humorous effects in poems and dramas. 

I set a realistic goal at the beginning of this unit and tried my best in every task. I am willing to receive feedback from teachers and peers and make improvements based on their comments. I still need to put more effort into improving my time management skill. I always hand in my work just a few hours before the deadline. I will make a detailed plan for the sake of completing my tasks earlier. For my learning in English 10, I will try my best to make improvements in my writing skills. I will improve this part by reading more English literature and memorize more vocabulary. 

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Art-Define and Inquire

In this project, Nicole and I will teach Ian and Kamsen how to draw. They will learn pencil sketches and watercolor this few days. For me, I will improve my drawing skills and create my own artwork.

I wanted to create an artwork with Chinese traditional elements. I found a picture of manjusaka, flowers bloom one thousand years and fall one thousand years. Flowers and leaves won’t be met forever.”

So I want to paint a picture of Manjusaka.

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The New Initiatives

Some interesting things I learned about are the overpopulation problem in Beijing has seriously impacted Beijing residents’ daily life, which helped me understand the necessity of implementing these new initiatives, diverting Beijing’s non-capital functions. These initiatives not only diverting Beijing’s non-capital functions but also spread economic growth evenly.  

Before this project, I used to think policies launched by China’s government are hardly effective because there still exist many problems in China currently. But now I think no problem can be solved overnight, we are now in the interim period. Thankfully, China’s government has clearly identified the problems and their root causes. There is a reason to believe that, Beijing will not be burdened with those problems in a few years.  

Looking back on this Project, I realize that equality matters a lot to a country’s social and economic development. It is ok to enable part of the population to get rich first, but if the gap between the rich and the poor keeps widening, there could be instability, disorders or even wars. However, the rest of the world has such a deep misunderstanding against China.

What they accused the Chinese government of has happened repeatedly to their own governments. In politics, there are some established rules that must be observed in order to rule a country.  

Taking a look at the development path of metropolitans around the world, it is certain that their success is at least in part, due to migrant workers being engaged in the extensive industries. China’s government would take a similar next step to downsize themselves while spreading growth to less developed areas. Beijing’s contemporary circumstance has been constantly recurring in history with success, and thus ratifying the benefits of diverting Beijing City’s non-capital functions.

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Humans of ISB: Create & Improve

I think I have improved in the innovation and creativity (L21) area during this ignite week project. I got the charcoal painting skills and know how to find and choose the person for your portrait. Throughout the photographing process, I learned how to blur out the background to highlight the main figure. Also, I found three different people from different careers. Lastly, I chose the Sodexo worker for my main character, for, I consider that they work a lot for our school.

When I was drawing, I studied to draw the three- dimensional face by shadows use only black, white and grey colors. This project helps me a lot, I can use charcoal painting skills and the photography skills to record things in my life in the future.